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Maiko-chan [|] (actually made it myself)

K, Tenae you said you're on chapter Fencing Practice and that's 7 chapters in so it'll take me a while to catch up. But I started it sooner than I thought I would so there's hope yet.

Only got through the prologue so far and the writing is okay. I guess this is going to be pretty action-packed. So far it makes me want to read more of Mark Lawrence's stuff lol.

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I completely forgot to make a comment here I am so sorry.

The writing style is something I had to get used to as well. The further in the book you go the more fitting it gets for the world that Abercrombie has made.

I am currently about two hundred pages from finishing up Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson, and then I'll be focusing on this book. At the rate I'm going, I'll finish up in another couple of days.

Maiko-chan [|] LOL don't worry.
(like don't mind me, just talking into the void haha)

Oh no it's fine, I like the writing style so far. It just made me think of Mark Lawrence and miss reading his books, esp since I have yet to finish his second trilogy. I gotta do that at some point.

Cool I look forward to it. Are you enjoying that book? I'd imagine so since Brandon Sanderson.

Gregory B This book & series is amazing in several ways. Relistic dialogue, character names ! And so much more that i cant explain. Listening to Steven Pacey read it btw, is an altogether upgraded experience ! Its as if the story & Paceys narrative abilities were combined for perfection. There is so much real life action yet hints of some things that make me want more but dont disappoint. I read the 1st of the next trilogy & hope to find Farro & Shanct & Tolame as well as characters like Cromiky Phail & Nicomo Costca & Friendly & Shivers in the next 2. This guy knows how to wright stories ! Its like historical fiction too. The races of people, just like the L.O.T. Rings series, has groups of people somewhat representing groups of peopl fro. Our earth. Yet in the generalizing Abercrombie has a masterful ability to depict individuals from any & all various ethnic backgrounds as either good, bad, both, neither & therefore totally realistic ! I have read & listened to all 7 books hundreds of times. There are other good books out there. Locke Lamora, City of Thieves, The Golem & the Jinni, to list a few. And authors like Joe R. Lansdale, Bernard Cornwell, Brom, Sapkowski, Follett & Lamour are worth reading & often listening to. I just hope to find more books like Joe Abercrombie books. There 1 of a kind so far, in my opinion.

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