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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Forgotten name for Historical Romance. [s]

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Naomi Morris | 2 comments OKay fell in love with this book forever ago had a copy that was legit falling apart at the spine but i kept it wrapped with a rubber band up until i moved and finally lost it completely. but i have never been able to remember it. so help me out my fellow book nerds.

it was a squeal (never read the first one but obsessed with this one)
Historical romance.
American woman who was married to the love of her life and has two children. is struck with tradegy when officers come to her door to tell her that her ship that her husband was on during the war had sank and he was presumed dead at sea. she was so grief stricken she crumbled for months before deciding she would search for his body himself to at least have closer that he was really gone. So she took on her Previously abandoned Alter Ego The Emerald Enchantress the most notorious female piratress in all of the Caribbeans. when news got out that the emerald was sailing again family friend and Spaniard Pirate Jean Lavette joined forces with her to help her find her husbands ship..in the meantime destroying any and all enemy ships they came across.. when they find their ship and could find no signs of life or hope for survival of any of the crew she spirals deciding not to return to her home until she had burned the memory of the pain from her mind. and in the process regained her title for being feared and a torid love affair sparked with jean. one day when scavaging a ship. jean pulled her into his arms and said "just remember i love you" then when he pulled away being dragged out from the under deck of the ship was her long since forgotten husband. and before she could crumble under teh weight of shock and relief this bitch ass blond (clearly i dont like her) came out next and said in front of emerald that he was going to leave his wife to marry her AND THE REAL DRAMA STARTS. they stage a ship docking where emerald returns to her normal appearance so no one will know it was her and the restage their whole beloved reunion.. and they go home to their children togethe r~but he brings the woman ~ so at home..her grandmother a old irish woman has fallen in and is dying and .. her two kids are playing prank after prank on the woman which i loved..and emerald found out shes pregnant and she no longer is sure if its her husband or jeans..this adds more drama..we finally get rid of the woman thank god. the grandmother dies.. and because of their couple issues emerald spends more time at her grandmotehrs house then with her husband. when she gives birth to the baby..they can not tell right away whos child it is...so her husband says if when she shows her paternity and it reveals it is not him..he would leave her. her heart broken scared for what will happen to her and her children she formally has mvoed in with jeans brother (name forgotten) at her grandmothers old house in which she gave to jean's brotehr becuase he had a romance starting with someone else in teh family.. drunk and hearbroken himself. the husband went to the ship that had been transformed into teh enchantress and returned to normal and read the captains logs.. everything from her desperate search for him.. to months of pain and heart break tha thad smeared teh ink with tears.. to the improvement of her mental health appond her fling with jean. onward to her dedication to fixing her marraige. he decides he realizes how real his wifes love is for him and that he could find it in him to accept the baby either way and he makes his way to return BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE. the house was lit on fire..burning to teh ground and emerald and the baby are both trapped inside.. he made it in time to see emerald being taken out but she was freaking out becuase the baby had not been gotten otu in time. so he runs in and saves the baby.. but but but shes breathed to much smoke in..and is figured dead everyones telling him shes dead and emerald has shattered into heart brokens sobs.. as he desperately tries to save the baby with mouth to mouth and the magic of happy endings it works.. and then he tells his wife..that he no longer cared if the baby carried his blood cause from that day forth it would be his very breath of life that is responsible for her existance..she will always carry that life he gave to her..and they where all happy agin

lot of spoilers in there..but CLEARLY I WAS VERY OBSESSED WITH THIS BOOK. i know the whole thing like back of my hand im so sad i cant read it again cause i loved it. and if by chance you know the first book too happily will take that from you too.. but i super want this one

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Ayshe | 4121 comments Ashes & Ecstasy seems likely to be your book?

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Juels | 2379 comments I agree, this is definitely Ashes & Ecstasy by Catherine Hart. BTW, there is a prequel Fire & Ice where Reed and Kathleen meet.

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Lobstergirl | 37567 comments Mod
Naomi, please add plot details to your topic header since we have thousands of members looking for historical romance. Your thread needs to stand out.

Naomi Morris | 2 comments Juels wrote: "I agree, this is definitely Ashes & Ecstasy by Catherine Hart. BTW, there is a prequel Fire & Ice where Reed and Kathleen meet."
YES! thank you both

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