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message 1: by Bob (new)

Bob Priest | 87 comments Mod
The ideas behind racism grow deeper here. Now it is not just among race, but the different classes (upper, middle, and lower) among the races. Whites and white trash, black and them niggers.

He makes a powerful statement on page 152. "Whoever creates the norm creates the hierarchy and positions their own race class at the top of the hierarchy."

From what I can see this is the heart of the books argument.

I am not sure if I agree with his comment on page 153 about whites depending on the welfare of inheritance, tax cut etc. I would not equate al of these with welfare.

message 2: by Bob (new)

Bob Priest | 87 comments Mod
Continuing in this chapter is a very interesting discussion on capitalism (p160) His definition of capitalism is not very flattering and not being great in social studies I cannot comment too authoritatively. I will admit I never saw his description, starting in the paragraph "In doing so, these conservative defenders..." I never say capitalism as that destructive

Surprisingly I would agree with the quote from Elisabeth Warren that capitalism has competition with a market that has decent rules, and works when the rules are enforced.

History apparently shows that capitalism has been more exploitative than fair.

Would you agree that to love capitalism is to love racism?

I appreciate his honesty that he at one time understood poor blacks as the bottom foundation of blackness

message 3: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Manchester (calvinistbatman) | 233 comments Mod
I think capitalism is smart. But I think we have "American capitalism" which takes those principals and turns them to prey on the lower classes.

message 4: by Bob (new)

Bob Priest | 87 comments Mod
Obviously this book did not come from or go to a Christian perspective. We could expand that this capitalism and all the racist policies etc. go back to sins distortion of even the good God gives from hard work, entrepreneurship, and diversity. That would be a whole other discussion.

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