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message 1: by Lais (new)

Lais | 187 comments Hello Goodreads Librarians and staff,
I have been correcting the titles of various books that are fed automatically from Amazon with the indication of the edition's language in the title (they all, for some reason, have in brackets "em portuguese do Brasil" which is not even correctly written in portuguese but anyway). I've been removing that out of the title and adding the language to the language field and sometimes adding some other missing information. A couple of those for some reason have a completely wrong cover (I've come across three so far), a cover for a different book altogether, with a different title, different author, just plain wrong. It doesn't seem to be an issue of duplicate ISBN either, if I research the ISBN I get responses only for the book that is in the title, but the cover is wrong on Amazon, from where it was fed into Goodreads.
I would have exchanged the wrong covers to the correct ones, but in these three cases, the correct cover was only to be found on other seller's websites, and not from any acceptable source for cover images. So the only thing I can do is to delete the cover and leave the book without one. But I don't know if I should do that due to the repeated warnings in the Librarian Manual that the existing covers shouldn't be removed, etc. I know that is not supposed be about covers that are for entirely different books altogether being set to the wrong book, but then again if I do remove the cover, the changelog will only say that I removed the cover and not that the image was entirely wrong.
How should I proceed? Should I remove the wrong covers and leave the books without one or should I rather refer the issue to a superlibrarian when I come across such a problem?
These are the books with wrong covers that I came across so far:

message 2: by lethe (new)

lethe | 13555 comments Unfortunately, change comments will only show in the changelog if you make edits to the text fields of the edition in question (not to the original title/pub date fields) or if you add a cover, not if you delete a cover.

I see you haven't corrected Cochiloquio yet. You can delete the cover, move the language information to the language field and state in the 'change comment' field the reason why you deleted the cover.

If you can find the other books in the Brazilian National Library, you can add extra book information from there when you delete the covers and leave a change comment.

(Hope my explanation is clear, if not, please let me know :) )

message 3: by Lais (new)

Lais | 187 comments Hi lethe,
Thanks for the suggestion, I'll handle it that way, then! :)

message 4: by lethe (new)

lethe | 13555 comments 👍

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