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message 1: by Christopher (new)

Christopher Williams (thewrongwriter) | 48 comments I watched about half the first season. I had listened to the podcast for a little while prior to that (but have since ceased listening).

Quite frankly, the Prime series came across as overdone and stretched out. Aaron likes to expound, and isn't bad at it, when doing the podcasts. These episodes though...they had a tendency to ramble on.

The acting was, well, it called to mind the "Unsolved Mysteries" TV show. Sometimes you had good acting, sometimes you had laughably-bad acting. In the same episode.

message 2: by Phil (new)

Phil (chaoseum) | 761 comments I like the podcast but I don’t think that I even made it all the way through the first TV episode. A lot of people have praised the TV adaptation and I’ve almost wondered if we’d even watched the same thing. lol

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