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Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 5918 comments Mod
Quinn was partly responsible for Miranda not graduating from the FBI academy. Did he do the right thing or could he have handled this differently?

Charlene (charlenethestickler) | 769 comments I think he could have handled it any way but how he did it, and have a better outcome. I'm not sure why he agreed to give her a letter of recommendation in the first place.

Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 5918 comments Mod
Same here, Charlene. The time to have spoken up was before she entered the academy, not the night before graduation. I understood his heart was in the right place but Quinn botched this.

Anita (anitanodiva) | 1583 comments It was not his call alone about her and he couldn't let her continue if he really felt she might not be able to be 100% there as an agent. He should not have been the one to tell her. I wondered what he was doing at Quantico anyway, let alone being involved to such a degree with a trainee he was romantically tied to.

Karen ♐ (kmk1214) | 819 comments First of all, why did they wait to tell her until she had finished the entire course and then the day before graduation, they decide she can't become an agent? And he never should have been the one to tell her. He was too involved.

Melissa (melissasd) | 673 comments I think he did the right thing and I'm not sure how else he could have done it. Well, maybe he could have said something sooner. And I agree that he never should have given her a letter of recommendation. Quinn does need to learn how to speak up to Miranda and express his feelings better. I agree, Karen. She probably would have handled it better coming from someone else.

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