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79 Park Avenue
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Mike prosecutes his lifelong love for her connection to organized crime (running the city's brothels). She became madam to protect him and their daughter he knew nothing about. Thriller/bildungsroman similar to S. Sheldon. [s]

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Alma | 2 comments I think I read it in 2000. The setting is somewhere in America (New York?), early 60's and 70s I think. The novel starts when they are about 17 and spans for some 20 years. She had been raped by her stepfather and sent to juvenile prison for attacking him and even gave that baby for adoption. He-Mike has loved her all his life and the chain of unfortunate events keeps them apart. She is basically a tragic heroine forced to do illegal activities to protect the loved ones . The book describes her trial, Mike is the prosecutor;she goes to jail for some time but leaves their young daughter he knew nothing about with him.

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K Ferguson (kjfsrv) | 17 comments I think the book you're looking for is 79 Park Avenue by Harold Robbins 79 Park Avenue by Harold Robbins.

I stole the book from my mother's room and read it when I was about 13 (1972) - it was one of the most exciting thing I'd ever read. It was first published in 1955 and made into a mini series in 1977.

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Alma | 2 comments It is indeed :) Thanks a million!

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