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Inferno Reaper | 234 comments Camper #1
Name: Nathan Snow

Age: 17

Gender Male

Godly Parent: Cymopoleia - goddess of violent sea currents and waves during storms. She was a daughter of Poseidon and was married to Briareus, one of the Hekatoncheires.

Preferred Weapon (no guns guys): He prefers to use two swords with one edge being celestial bronze and the other side being imperial gold. He also is very proficient with the bow

Camper #2
Name: Enzo Grench
Age: 15
Parent Khione
Gender: Genderfluid
Preferred Weapons: A sword and a longbow

Camper #3
Name: Adam Stanley
Age: 9
Cabin: Hasn't been claimed
Gender: Male
Weapon: Celestial bronze dagger

Quest THe quest is for Enzo so he can find a way to cure his curse.
Possible events you want to happen?
Enzo's state might go critical near the end. Adam might meet his godly parent(K has to approve first) Nathan may disappear for some time leaving Enzo and Adam having to travel together. Adam may learn more about his family. Enzo's curse will be lifted but it will come at a cost.
Prophecy (If you want to write your own, cool. If you want the oracle to write one for you, that's cool too)
The son of storms, ice and unknown shall travel to the ice lands
To free one of his bounds
To make realization for another
And for the last to feel needed
One will give something up for his freedom
In the end, though only one will feel free))

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Kat (alright!)

message 3: by Inferno (new)

Inferno Reaper | 234 comments "We should start getting ready for our quest" Says Nathan to Enzo and Adam. "We should be packing for at least a week just to be safe along with enough money to get around. We will start the quest tomorrow so we have time to rest up. Also, make sure you have all your weapons. Adam bring your sword so if we have time you can work with that." Nathan and Enzo left and started to head to their cabins.

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