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message 1: by James, Group Founder (new)

James Morcan | 11189 comments Or is it already being implemented?

Social Credit System https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_...

The Social Credit System (Chinese: 社会信用体系; pinyin: shèhuì xìnyòng tǐxì) is a national reputation system being developed by the Chinese government.[1][2][3] By 2020, it is intended to standardise the assessment of citizens' and businesses' economic and social reputation, or 'Social Credit'.[4][5][6][7][8]

The system will be one unified system and there will be a single system-wide social credit score for each citizen and business.[9] By 2018, some restrictions had been placed on citizens, whom state-owned media described as the first step toward creating a national social credit system.[10][11][12][7][13][14]

The system is considered a form of mass surveillance which uses big data analysis technology.[15] The government of modern China has also maintained systems of paper records on individuals and households such as the dàng'àn (档案) and hùkǒu (户口) systems which officials might refer to, but did not provide the same degree and rapidity of feedback and consequences for Chinese citizens as the integrated electronic system because of the much greater difficulty of aggregating paper records for rapid, robust analysis.

Report: America Has a Social Credit System Much Like China’s https://futurism.com/america-social-c...
But it was built by Silicon Valley and not by the government.

How the West Got China's Social Credit System Wrong https://www.wired.com/story/china-soc...
It occupies a spot next to 'Black Mirror' and Big Brother in popular imagination, but China’s social credit project is far more complicated than a single, all-powerful numerical score.

Where Eyes Wide Shut Meets Social Credit Scores https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7lkJ...

message 2: by Kodai (new)

Kodai Okuda | 128 comments It would seem that an attempt to implement it in the Western world is already underway. However, in countries like the United States, there are laws (like the 4th amendment) which should apply to this and hopefully nullify it as a violation of individual rights.

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