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What is your favorite part and why?

definitely the ending when he says "found your book" and I love that it wasn't like a normal YA book where they just kissed, and even though I love those book too, this was an amazing one.

My favourite part is the beginning, when Maddy and her Mum got along nicely. I hate the ending. It's horrible.

My favorite part of the book is when Olly and Maddy are IMing each other and falling in love.

My favourite part is the beginning, when Maddy and her Mum got along nicely. I hate the ending. It's horrible.

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My favorite part of this AMAZING book was when Olly noticed Maddy. You could just feel the connection and it made you feel like you were there. After reading this book about 11 times, I still love it and I never get sick of it.

My favorite part was when they first kissed and Maddy said something along the lines of does it always feel like that and Olly said never like that. I literally swooned.

I liked it when she first met Olly and when she went out side for the first time because she felt bad for Olly.

I like every part of this book, but i thought is was so sweet when Olly had to show Maddy how "the real world" worked on the way to Hawaii with the seatbelt and the door of the car. Also it was magical when they kissed for the first time and he said "It's never like that".

I like when they were swimming in Hawaii.

my favorite is when she first met olly !!!!!!

i just finished reading this book for the fifth time today and i got to say, my favorite part is when olly notices the freckles on her face when they first met in person. its's little things like that, that make you really fall in love with someone. i love this book so much!

My favorite part was when they were in Hawaii!!! Also, I liked the ending.

To be honest, the whole book was full of my favourite parts. There were so many, but definitely when she met Olly, when they were in Hawaii and the ending. I love the book so much that it's so hard to decide just one.

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