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Can someone explain the ending to me?
daydreamer daydreamer Sep 04, 2019 05:42AM
What does the last part mean?
"Races condemned to one hundred years of solitude did not have a second opportunity on earth?"
Is it an allusion to something?

There is so much that has been written by academics on this book that I can only scrape the surface here.
If you look at what has happened to the Buendia family, they isolated themselves in a corner of the world. They also skirted the curse of having a deformed child through in breeding, until it happened again to Amaranta and Aureliano. Apparently Melquiades knew the time would come when the curse would come again. And so nature made sure to erase all traces of it once it happened.

A recurrent them in Marquezs' books is how South America was shaped in a series of often violent events and feuds - just as has happened in Macondo and the Buendia family.
It is no coincidence Macondo is referred to as the "City of Mirrors". It reflects the events around it into words, through Melquiades. Aureliano is the one who is finally able to decipher the prophecy and read it, and learns he is Aureliano Babilonia. Babilonia refers to Babel, the mythical city from which all languages were born. It means he was destined to understand language. When we finally read the prophecy with him we cause Nature to wreck Macondo and erase it.

This prophecy can be viewed as a warning from Marquez to not repeat the mistakes of the past so that South America may survive from its own revolutions and wars, otherwise it will not have a second chance. To me at least this is the interpretation that makes most sense.

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I think Marquez saw a great solitude in his own family. Generation by generation, this solitude grew up ... It' s sad... People from this family didn't understand the real meaning of the life, that's why they have no chance on this earth...

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