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Macmillan Audio interviewed Susan Ericksen who has narrated all 49 In Death books. Read her interview below!


How do you prepare before recording a J.D. Robb audiobook?

I read the book as a regular reader to just try and experience it without being analytical the first pass through. It's certainly more fun that way and by getting caught up in the drama or the humor of the scenes I can more easily pass that same experience on to the listeners. Then I take note of any recurring characters and make sure I'm reproducing their voices accurately. Next I do any necessary preparation for new characters, and look up any unusual words to make sure I have the correct pronunciations. Then I dive in!

Do you have a favorite character to voice?

Well, I must confess I do love doing Roarke and Peabody. But I really love Eve and Sommerset and Baxter and Mavis and Trina and...you see my dilemma?!

Are there any special vocal characteristics of Eve Dallas? Or Roarke?

Yep, and I hope you're enjoying them! I can't give away my secrets, you know.

How does it feel to read the book before almost anyone else?

Very fun — like getting to peek in Santa's bag!

What's the best part about narrating the In Death series?

The deep pleasure of knowing these characters inside and out and yet still being delighted and moved by them — just like like you would by a dear friend. Lovely!

(Reproduced with permission of Macmillan)

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Valerie Clem (valeriec62) | 29 comments She does such a great job. I always make sure to get the audible edition of the book just so I can listen to it with her voice.

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Kristi | 215 comments She does a great job with narrating the books. It's really easy to tell who's talking at any given time since she gives each of the characters their own voice. Some narrators aren't that skilled.

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Hannah (hmatkins) | 77 comments What a fun interview! I love the audiobooks, and I hope they continue to use her as long as we get the books. 😊

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Karen (rhyta) | 170 comments She makes these books so much fun to listen to, I always enjoy them so much! Thanks Susan 😊

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Mdy | 197 comments When I first started reading the In Death series, I was amazed at how Susan Erickson was able to get the voices just right...and then do again, book after book. I can always tell who the character is by just her voice. She adds so much to the books. She is by far my favorite reader.

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Karen ♐ (kmk1214) | 750 comments I love Susan Ericksen! She is by far my favorite narrator. How she is able to do all of those different voices, accents, etc. amazes me.

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