Children of Blood and Bone (Legacy of Orïsha, #1) Children of Blood and Bone question

Zelie and Roen or Inan?

Roen all the way! I lost all respect for Inan by the end of the book.

Initially I did like the idea of Inan/Zelie. But then Inan behaves so horribly that he is entirely irredeemable for me now.

*spoilers below*

The main gripe I have is when Inan suddenly decided to betray Zelie not long after they sleep together.

It's so bizarre and sudden! Inan suddenly betrays them all because a Burner wields some fire and he's triggered into thinking magic is too dangerous. But the thing is, he's SEEN Zelie wield really dangerous magic before and he enjoyed it! Zelie was literally raising souls from the ground when they rescued Amari/Tzain and Inan was getting some sort of kick out of it. Pretty peculiar to me...

But what sealed the deal for me was when Inan suggested using Zelie's FATHER as bait. Honestly if Inan loves Zelie, whatever love he has is not enough. No one who loves another person properly could suggest such a cruel plan. It feels like he learned Zelie's weaknesses just to use them against her.

Seriously I'm done with Inan. He's pretty much irredeemable now. I hope Zelie dumps him and ends up with Roen. And I hope Amari becomes queen.

Literaryfox has a point, but I didn't even finish Blood and Bone, so I don't have any idea of who Roen is, but he sounds suspicious. I NEED ZELINAN!

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Crystal You'll need to finish Children of Blood and Bone before you can decide xD there are some things that are going to happen near the end and i don't want ...more
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Roën's such a nice person (*cough* unlike *cough cough* Inan) Really hope Zelie/Roen get together instead of Zelie/Inan.

Okay. I was team Inan/Zelie but after the second book it was honestly hard to continue shipping them. He Betrayed her one too many times.

I can see Zelie and Roen sailing away together and just being happy.


Roen definitely Inan betrayed her so many and literally almost got her father killed. Roen tried to steal her staff before he even knew who she was or what it meant to her.

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Loretta Adjei her father is dead
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Roen seems like an interesting character and I feel more potential chemistry between him and Zelie than I ever did for Zelie/Inan. Inan's betrayal just proved why.

I honestly like Inan and Zelie. I get that Inan betrayed her multiple times, but I fell like he is trying to change in the next book, Children of Virtue and Vengeance, which I've just started, though I do think that Roen would still be perfect for Zelie if Zelie+Inan ship doesn't work out in the end. Idk tho, my opinions always come out weird if it's not in my head.

I'm not even finished with Blood and Bone, but I snooped ahead, and Inan seems as if he loves Zelie with everything he has. I have no idea who Roen is, but his name sounds suspicious. Inan for sure. Inelie? Zelinan? IDK

Im not sure since the second book hasn't came out and the whole Inan betraying Zelie is sorta killing my Zelie and Inan (Zelian?) ship. Roen is a good character and he probely understands Zelie more than Inan but I haven't got that whole ship vibe from him yet. I might come back here when the second book comes out.

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