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message 1: by Lyndon (new)

Lyndon Hardy | 17 comments Hi All,
I need some help and perhaps you can provide it to me.

First, a bit of background

You might already know of a fellow named Nick Stephenson. He is a Brit who sells on-line tutoring and sales advice to writers. I have not taken any of his courses, have no idea of their value, nor am I endorsing him in any way. I get no renumeration from him.

Among his many ideas, he does have an idea that has intrigued me:

1. Publish a free book on vendor sites
2. Don’t merely put in a link to your other work in the afterword to the freebie
3. Instead, offer more free stuff in exchange for the reader’s email address
4. Perform marketing on the email list

I decided to give this a try. But as I got into what has to be done, I discovered that the devil is in the details.

The free downloads come from one’s own website rather than the usual vendors. The possibilities that have to be addressed for managing this is large. Depending on the user’s device (kindle, nook, kobo, iPhone, …), the software (kindle reader app, iTunes reader app, …), and how the download is performed (direct, via pc first, via mac first), there is an awful lot of variations.

So, I am trying to walk the downloader through a series of uncluttered webpages, each with only a few choices to choose between at each step. I ended up with around twenty pages to handle all the possible branches!

A. I have added the necessary pages to my website and tested that my instructions seem to work for:

Kindle fire

B. Theoretically, if things work successfully for these, then they might also work for:

Color Nook
Black and white Nook (via PC intermediary)
Kobo reader
Kindle (via Mac)
Kindle (via PC)
Android phone
Android tablet
But not necessarily! I want to be more sure.

So, here’s the deal. If you have one of the devices listed under heading B above and want to help me, the task is easy. You merely spend a few minutes testing to see if the instructions on my website allow you to download successfully. In exchange, you get the free stuff that you downloaded – two, not yet available, fantasy novelettes that I have written.

If you are interested in helping, then, contact me by a Goodreads private message. I will private message back the url on my website that will give you your download instructions. You then take the few minutes to follow the steps, and email me back the results of what happened.

That’s it. I hope you are willing to help. I look forward to hearing from you. And thank you in advance for your effort.

message 2: by B.A. (last edited Sep 04, 2019 08:17AM) (new)

B.A. A. Mealer | 884 comments There is this neat website called does have a cost, but the nice thing is you don't have to worry about customers having problems downloading your books. They can get the with one click by downloading the app. It works well. Bookfunnel will also collect emails for you, so when they download a book, you get their email.

Having them on your website is good, but then you will be troubleshooting all the issues. If you look at all the 'bigger' authors, they use BookFunnel or another downloader that has instructions or easy download to keep from wasting time.

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