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if you have not read this book...

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Ethan if you have not read this book you should try it because it was touching and a easy book to get into. i recommend it to anyone who is interested in readind about cival rights, or history

MizziQ its good

Debbie Mcarthur Yes!! I used to check this out every summer to try to get my kids to read it. They wudn't but I ended up rereading it several times..enjoyed it everytime. The whole series.

MizziQ I haven't read the second one yet.

Elaine Hoffer I read several in the series. Really enjoyed each of them. I think it is good for us to realize what it was like for blacks in the south in the 30's.

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Kiacarter I read this book in middle school as a class. Then we ended up watching the movie. Then doing a report about it. I got an A on it! It is a very good book.

Elaine Hoffer Another good one is White Lilacs by Carolyn Meyer. It is about a black family in the 1920's in a small Texas town and their struggles to keep their part of town from being relocated.

Caroline I read this book in 6th grade. My teacher (Ms. Pataray) read it to us in class.

Elaine Hoffer So what did you think of it? Did they discuss it in class. I think that would have been a good idea.

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Celeste If you have not read this book...... Go find something better to read. If you are really desperate enough to read this old timer then you need help. Go read a Percy Jackson, or Candy shop wars But just don't read this pointless book.

Elaine Hoffer Which book are you talking about???

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Celeste The one we are on a chat for. Roll of thunder, hear my cry. It was the most pointless book by the outsiders.

Lesley Arrowsmith As a total outsider, from the UK, and reading it as an adult, I found it fascinating, and very well written.

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Celeste The outsiders was well written, but really....The only thing that happened is that they kill someone, and run away, but they come back and more people die. Great book. (Sarcasm.)

Lesley Arrowsmith You missed all the little details about what it was like to live in that community, then? Like having to wait at the store until the white people are served, even if the shopkeeper was in the middle of serving the black person.

Eleanor Rigby if you have not read this book... keep it that way

Ellie I read this book for school, and I loved it! If you have not read it... you should read it!

Caroline I read this book as a youngster - don't remember what age but I enjoyed it. Is it the sort of book an adult would enjoy as well?

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Aj There's a series?

Wanda I've read the complete series and recommended them to many friends.

Amanda We had to read this as part of our English class in school and I just adored it. My copy is worn out from having been read so many times.

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