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Exposed (Hostage Rescue Team #6)
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Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 4831 comments Mod
Julia, the volunteer taking care of Bautista’s grandmother, didn’t hide her attraction to him. Were you ever suspicious of her before her duplicity was revealed? What tipped you off, if anything? Did you ever think she might be a Valkyrie?

Anita (anitanodiva) | 1247 comments I was leery of her, but Bautista was a hot guy who obviously had money and cared for his grandmother. He would have made a great catch. If . . . he wasn't a killer. I knew immediately who Julia and Bautista were and my prior knowledge spoiled it for me.

Laura | 244 comments I was suspicious only when he was snooping around her house and he thought he saw her car, so I thought then she was tailing him.

Karen ♐ (kmk1214) | 751 comments I never saw this coming! I don't really know why. I guess because I thought she really just worked at the nursing home. I remember thinking that this was great that he had a nice woman so maybe he could get out of the violent life. I was definitely fooled by her.

Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 4831 comments Mod
My suspicions were raised because she came on to him so aggressively. I didn’t know what I was suspicious of, just that there was more to her than what she was presenting. When her truck wasn’t in front of her house and Bautista saw those taillights, I knew then she was the one that killed off his intended target.

Now, that she was a Valkyrie? Nope, didn’t see that coming until almost before the reveal. When she showed her serious skills, I began to think she might be Georgia but not until then, on the boat.

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