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Tessa (trisstessa) | 555 comments Mod
Share your thoughts on the final part of Adulthood Rites here!

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Tessa (trisstessa) | 555 comments Mod
I felt like this part (and the whole book, as a result) ended abruptly. It might be my fault though - I was reading an ebook that included a preview of Imago in its page numbers, so I thought there were another 50 or so pages to go.

I won't lie: I kinda skimmed through the metamorphosis stuff. I just wasn't that interested. Is it weird that I feel bad that Akin's parents (mostly Lilith) weren't around for this? I like Tate, Gabe, and Yori, but I already felt bad that Akin didn't get to bond with his sibling because he was with the resisters. I don't know - I went back and forth between wanting Akin with the humans and wanting him with his Oankali family.

The ending did leave me curious though! So I definitely will finish the series.

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