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September 2019: Adulthood Rites > Part III: CHKAHICHDAHK

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Share your thoughts on the third part of Adulthood Rites here!

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Tessa (trisstessa) | 591 comments Mod
First of all: "[Tino] was, Dichaan thought, paying more attention to his food than to what Dichaan was saying." This really summed up this section for me.

Overall, I found myself less interested in any scenes/chapters that was heavily about the Oankali. I was way more invested in Akin and his interactions with the resisters and would have loved to hear about his journeys to the human villages. Who did he meet? What did they say? How did they react to him?

I'm really glad that Akin has Tino in his life. I was unsure of Tino when we first met him, but I think it's good that Akin has a human male (one who was raised with resisters) to connect with, to trust, to guide him almost.

I also really love how much Akin wants to speak for the resisters. He wants to learn everything he can about them - because they're a part of him - and then defend them. Just another parallel to vegans/animal rights activists. Which goes right into Akin wanting to learn to care for animals.

I find Tiikuchhk pretty relatable. It doesn't know who it is, who it wants to be, what it wants to do just yet, yet is being forced to make such decisions.

I'm curious to see how Akin and the others will "prepare a lifeless world for life," but overall, this section underwhelmed me.

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