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Share your thoughts on part two of Adulthood Rites here!

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Tessa (trisstessa) | 619 comments Mod
Ok, I've been taking notes and am hoping to finish the book by Friday! This section was rough.

I think it goes without saying that Part II was pretty hard to read. I know Akin is more advanced than humans would be at his age, but, jeez, he's still a child. And the girls that are captured as well. The thought of their sensory arms getting cut off...ugh.

"[Akin] could think, but his body was so small and weak that he could not act." - this sentence really got me. The humans know he's different - or at least assume he is - but they're still being unreasonably cruel to a literal toddler. I mean, they try to poison him. It's sickening.

"How stupid to be sick and know where there was healing and decide to stay sick" - Akin's way of thinking here reminded me of people with heart problems and other issues that could easily be helped by a vegan diet...or at least eating less meat. They can know all of the benefits, but still refuse because it's "abnormal."

Similarly, when that man dies, Akin says (or thinks, I can't remember), "It was wrong to allow such suffering, utterly wrong to throw away a life so unfinished, unbalanced, unshared," I, again, thought of all the animals abused and then slaughtered for selfish reasons.

I also wasn't expecting the description of Ahaja giving birth! I don't remember if I mentioned in the discussion of Dawn, but I'm very unfamiliar with science-fiction, but I'm astounded by the creativity authors like Butler must possess.

This bit really made me laugh: "Tate gave Akin what she called a decent vegetarian meal, and he did not tell her it was not decent at all." How relatable!

I find the names so interesting in this book. I think we're seeing a much more diverse group of people, from Akin's captors to the resisters in Phoenix. The names are so unique.

I liked seeing the humans begin to embrace Akin and him to try get to know and understand them. It made everyone...well...more human.

Also! Plastic is poison! That surprised me: "Most of them didn't know how dangerous [plastic] was. And some of the ones who did know were making too damn much money selling the stuff to worry about fire and contamination that might or might not happen." So true and absolutely horrible.

I felt like part two dragged a bit. I KNEW the Oankali and Lilith would find Akin, so I felt like I was just waiting and waiting and waiting.

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