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message 1: by Zala (last edited May 05, 2013 03:43AM) (new)

Zala | 16 comments I noticed some people were confused about what goes on in this group.

So, this is a Japanese literature group where you can discuss anything and everything connected to Japanese literature and Japan in general. If you have any questions, ask away, but please read these guidelines before doing that:

*Please write meaningful posts in appropriate topics.
*Mark your post if it contains spoilers from a certain book.

Adding books to the shelves
*We would like to have as many books on the shelves as possible so people can look through it and find something interesting to read. If you know a good book by a Japanese author or one that speaks about Japan please add it.

message 2: by Zala (new)

Zala | 16 comments Hey guys, thank you so much for participating and keeping this group active. I'm a terrible moderator, I know.

If anybody has any suggestions/ideas, please let me know, I'll check this topic every so often and try to help you with whatever I can.

message 3: by Joanne (new)

Joanne | 93 comments Hi All,

Okay so I am trying to revitalize this group even though i am not its moderator. I am interested in Japanese literature and this group was set up well. It hasn't been active in quite some time. Try going to the book suggestion area below and see if you can suggest a book. Let's get started!

message 4: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl | 6 comments A good traditional writer is Yukio Mishima who has a good number of books that are translated to read. I personally like Haruki Murakami as a writer but he is some times pretty out there.

message 5: by Beth (new)

Beth Britnell (bethbritnell) | 1 comments I don't know if you all will be able to help me or not, but I'm looking for a book that I've forgotten the name of. It was set in feudal Japan, and was narrated in the first person by a young woman in a wealthy household. I remember that the family moved way up north, crossing a large lake with all their belongings. The young woman was preoccupied with this Chinese almanac she'd found, which listed seasons as changing every two weeks. She made her own incense. I realize this is vague, but I've browsed the list of Japanese books several times and I can't find it. Does this ring any bells?

message 6: by Tori (new)

Tori (tvaz) | 5 comments I really like Haruki Murakami as well, particularly his Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World. I also like Banana Yoshimoto.

message 7: by Joanne (new)

Joanne | 93 comments Oh yes Tori!

I read (actually listened to) 1Q84 as an audiobook. I loved it!


message 8: by Elsa (new)

Elsa | 12 comments I'm currently reading The Temple of the Golden Pavilion by Mishima. One of my absolute favorite books is The Housekeeper and the Professor by Yoko Ogawa (great book group discussion novel). Love Haruki Murakami too. I'm anxiously awaiting the reprints of his first two novels! I also confess to a liking for light novels like the Book Girl series and Toshokan Senso-very fun. Wish I could read kanji then I wouldn't have to wait for them to be translated!

message 9: by June (new)

June McCabe | 8 comments Hello all! I'm currently reading Shimotsuma Monogatari or Kamikaze Girls by Takemoto Novala. I love his writing, it is incredibly experiential and so so fun. On my to-read list are a bunch of well known authors like Murakami Haruki and Kirino Natsuo but also some light novels and manga. I'm still pretty new to Japanese literature and sometimes feel overwhelmed by the surrealism that is common in a lot of the most famous modern authors so I'm hoping to discover some lighthearted reads as well.

message 10: by Tori (new)

Tori (tvaz) | 5 comments I loved The Housekeeper and the Professor! June, if you're looking for something a little less surrealist you could give that one a try. These are great recommendations C:

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

The author of the Woman in the Dunes (Kobo Abe), has another novel which is even more confusing and strange. It's called the Box Man. It's quite good and confusing. I did see that most people didn't like it too much, but it has a great style and covers some of the same themes as the Woman in the Dunes.

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