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Marie Williams | 561 comments Mod
Season five starts September 29, on pbs. Thought you guys might like to see a first look at the costumes. Everything else I’ve seen so far looks like costumes restyled from last season.


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Linda Abhors the New GR Design | 462 comments I think that's the green that was coming up in my phone feed as they were filming. I don't like the look of the cut here, but I'll bet that color's gonna be fabulous with her eyes!
Funny that they've put Caroline in dour colors, as she's always been the one to wear the bold colors that make her eyes pop.
Guys are still rockin' the same coats and hats, lol!

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QNPoohBear | 447 comments The costumes are updated with the changing styles of the time. We start to see more Regency styles. The men look sadly out of fashion. I can watch the show until school tours start coming again and then I'll have to defer it until I have time and energy to watch and discuss. I'm going to Colonial Williamsburg in October and I'm wondering if they'll have anything related to the show. Didn't Ross fight the upstart colonials in Virginia?

Linda Abhors the New GR Design | 462 comments I dunno; I missed the first episode, and at that time, they weren't posting them online

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Marie Williams | 561 comments Mod
I don’t remember enough about the first season to remember where he fought in the revolution. Dwight is the one I don’t get, you would think as Caroline’s husband he would be dressing a little better. I know they want it to look like she hasn’t changed him from the man of the people, but still a little effort. Ross is definitely That Man who would just wear his clothes until they weren’t fit for public and be like “what???”

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QNPoohBear | 447 comments Yes Ross did fight in Virginia and he was probably wounded just before Yorktown. Dangit. Now I have to see if I have money and time to take a taxi there.

You missed the first episode or season you say? Amazon Prime still has the series and Robin Ellis and PBS provide a scene by scene commentary.
Poldark Insider Podcast

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QNPoohBear | 447 comments Episode 1
Here be spoilers

Ross was injured in Virginia but they still don't say where. It has to be just before Yorktown. I wish I had time to go there and ask. Maybe someone in Williamsburg will have a better idea of where it could have been.

I read on PBS Masterpiece newsletter that Ned and Kitty Gaspard were real people. I'm not looking them up just yet. Is that supposed to be Newgate he's in? Are they really allowed to pass letters back and forth?

Poor George! I actually feel quite sorry for him now. As we know, his namesake, the King is about to go mad for the first time. Warleggan seems to follow. Being ennobled will hopefully make him feel better but WHY OH WHY does the King have to do THAT? Uncle Cary is as awful as ever. He's even worse in the books. That Cecily girl barely acknowledges George! She is SO not into him and going to be a rebellious young lady and go against her father.

Is Geoffrey Charles mad? He should at least finish Harrow before he runs off to join the military.

I feel so sorry for little Valentine. A brief smile from his biodad who can't admit or acknowledge such and ignored by his legal dad- again. He looks more like Elizabeth. In the book George thinks all of Elizabeth's children look like their fathers and none like her but the narration says Valentine's looks change a lot. I believe Elizabeth and Ross are related somewhere on the family tree. If I were her, that's how I would have spun it. Valentine has the typical Cornish look....

Demelza has a new enemy. That Tess woman is a piece of work. I don't like her attitude but I understand where she's coming from. She can't trust the nobs because they've never helped her out. She doesn't know Demelza is too sweet and innocent to play mind games. If only Tess knew that ever after marrying Ross Demzelza knew hunger and poverty!

I'm waiting for Ross's ADHD to kick in and do something stupid again. It looks like he's still going to have adventures from the trailer. Why didn't he alert someone that crazy dude was planning to kill the king right then and there? .Crazy dude is named James Hadfield and the date is May 15, 1800

This Wickham dude... is he any relation to George Wickham? ;-) I'm not sure if he's good or bad.

Poor Morwenna can't get over her PTSD from marriage to Ossie. That's probably not something she'll ever recover from.

danger at Nampara! eek! Who did it? Tess says SHE didn't but I bet she knows who did and she put them up to it.

Is that dog supposed to be the same Garrick? In the books they keep naming each season's piglets the same thing and sort of half trick the children into thinking the piglets are the same ones and not their bacon. I wouldn't be surprised if he's a different Garrick.

Demelza has a pretty, green riding habit. It would be very expensive! Caroline's dress is so-so. Cecily is so-so and Kitty is dressed plainly. Caroline looks so unhappy. I gather the baby making isn't going well.

I forbid my parents from coming home until 10. My mom walked in at 8:45 and went upstairs. My dad came home at 9:45 and bellowed hello. He wanted to come downstairs and say hi to me but my mom wouldn't let him.

I barely kept my eyes open long enough to watch the show so I'm heading to bed.

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QNPoohBear | 447 comments Don't listen to the Poldark Insider interview with the screenwriter if you don't want to know minor spoilers. I was disappointed she worked off the assumption people would look up Ned and Kitty Despard right away AND she seemed to assume people were familiar with The Stranger from the Sea. *sigh* She didn't spoil too much but there was one plot point I was surprised she mentioned that I didn't know about. I haven't gotten that far in the books yet. Has anyone looked up the TV movie adaptation of that book yet? I want to see it but after I read the book.

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Marie Williams | 561 comments Mod
I recognized Ned’s name, but that’s not the historical reason I remembered him. He was controversial, and served in Central America, and apparently was jailed for two years in London without charge, but still no one knows why, so it’s obvious they’re filling in gaps in the storyline. But it does look like they’re moving toward the reason I remembered, so I won’t spoil it for people who don’t want to know yet.

I don’t know what they’re doing with this Tess storyline, but at this point they may as well have her twirl her mustache.

Morwenna is the one I’m most interested in, and at least they’re taking it in a realistic direction with her disgust and repulsion, and her depression and the guilt over feelings she more than deserves to have.

I like where they’re taking George’s character, and the mad George parallels. Geoffrey Charles needs to calm down, but it’s going to be fun seeing the look on Uncle Warleggan’s face when GC gets the girl he’s trying to buy for George.

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QNPoohBear | 447 comments Uncle Cary will have one more reason to hate the Poldarks! In the books he's the real villain. George is always led by Uncle Cary. His father is still living but Cary calls the shots. In the interview, Debbie Horsfield says she worked with Winston Graham's son to build a storyline to fill in the gaps from clues in The Stranger from the Sea.

Winston Graham was brutally honest about what Ossie did to Morwenna and how it has affected her mental state. It's nice to see the screenwriter has been true to that and to real life. I, too, am curious what is going to happen. Drake has to be to the most patient man in the world but since they seemed to fancy themselves the Cornish Romeo and Juliet, I am not expecting the story to end happily. No spoilers, just a guess.

I'm looking forward to learning more about the insanity plot. The season trailer shows Dwight taking a stand in that plot.

The preview for Sunday's episode gives us a better idea of what Tess wants but she does seem rather unimportant as far as historical context goes so far. I think the show needed a new villain since we now feel compassion for George and Ossie is dead. The mahogany merchant will probably be a villain too. He's surely involved in the slave trade and slavery somehow. Winston Graham has not really addressed that up to now.

Edited to add... Looked up the mahogany trade. I knew I remembered learning about the New England merchants. this article has some good information especially of interest to Linda and myself. ugh.

Linda Abhors the New GR Design | 462 comments Uh oh...
I don't know that I'm feeling good things for Gorge, but then again, I own up to holding grudges....

That green riding habit is the one I told you about, Q....loved it when the spoilers started popping up in my phone feed...
But yeah, w theywent from "doing alright" in a small house to nice riding habits and a house with upstairs/downstairs..
.there's a time warp there...

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QNPoohBear | 447 comments They fixed the house awhile ago. In the books they worked to fix up Nampara. Drake was given the carpentry job when he first came to live there. They added an upstairs and a new bedroom, a library and finished the house that Ross's father left unfinished when his wife died. The show moves way too fast. The books are super slow but provide necessary detail. They even have servants in the books. They start with Jinny Martin Carter, sacked Jud and Prudie and hire a new maid. Demelza even has enough money to slip Prudie something from time to time. Jud is left to dig graves. They seem to be doing OK financially by this point - don't know how except Ross is presumably getting some money for his MP job. Also remember he was willing to get into debt over and over again and leave Demelza to fend for herself and the children.

The riding habit could be a cast off of Caroline's. In the Regency novels sometimes the great ladies will pretend they don't like the color of a dress or only wear it once and cast it off. They'll give it to their poor relation with the excuse of "I changed my mind and don't like the color. It will look better on you than me."

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QNPoohBear | 447 comments It's not Poldark without star-crossed lovers and this season we have Geoffrey Charles and Cecily Hanson. I can't tell if she really likes him or if she's just being rebellious.

Finally Ross shares important news with Demelza. She's too sweet and innocent for her own good and now she got her new friends, old friends and husband into hot water with the government.

I do have empathy for poor George and he IS partly right that Ross should take some responsibility for Elizabeth's death. Ultimately she had free will but it WAS Ross's suggestion that made her have another child and make it come early. Would she have thought of that on her own? George's own suspicious mind played a larger role but I can't forgive Ross for sexually assaulting Elizabeth and getting her pregnant. Poor Valentine! The kid does look like Ross with his tricorn hat.

Jeremy and Clowance are cute. I love her doll with red hair like Mama!

Catherine Despard must have been one heck of an amazing woman to hold her head high and endure all that. I love seeing her and Demelza bond. It's about time Demelza had another woman who truly understands what it means to be married to a reckless, crazy man and not being from his class. Caroline is a good friend but she doesn't KNOW what Demelza has been through.

Drake and Morwenna are sweet together. Slowly- very slowly- I think she is overcoming her PTSD. I hope they can make it work.

Spoilerish discussion below
(view spoiler)

The mental health plot is interesting. They're still trying to figure out what was wrong with poor King George!

Now we know what Tess wants or thinks she's entitled to. Yeah honey that worked once because Ross was in a bad place and not thinking with his brain. He felt guilty for letting Demelza seduce him and married her. He'd go BALLISTIC if this Tess or her friends tied to harm Demelza.

Fashion report:

No no no George, the neckcloth must be starched to perfection and if it's not, you toss it and start again. No woman ever tied a man's neckcloth. The valet would be ashamed. Perhaps this shows George's low origins that he doesn't know this. I don't even think women knew how to tie cravats. They're so complicated!

Demelza's Empire dresses make me swoon. I love the green sari silk dress Tess pulled out of the trunk. I want a closer look. Demelza needs a few more fichus and ones not attached to her dress. They're separate for a reason and usually worn in daytime. Demelza is the real peacock this season! I didn't notice Cecily or Caroline much at all except Caroline has a new hairstyle for the new century thank goodness. That Hedgehog 'do was atrocious.

Ross is looking old now he's dressed properly- more or less. I know he's supposed to be middle-aged now. He stopped played superhero in the books. It's so funny how he continues to be the action hero in the show. My bff says Outlander is kind of the same way.

Linda Abhors the New GR Design | 462 comments Q, I was thinking of you over the weekend....I saw "most terrifying places" on Travel Channel, and they interviewed folks on Slater Mill...were you in on that?

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QNPoohBear | 447 comments Ooh a scene from next episode shows Demelza in a pretty green dress trimmed with sari ribbon. I'm loving the Regency styles even if they're not entirely accurate.

Linda Abhors the New GR Design wrote: "Q, I was thinking of you over the weekend....I saw "most terrifying places" on Travel Channel, and they interviewed folks on Slater Mill...were you in on that?"

OH GOSH NO! There's only two of us who actually believe in that stuff and it's not me. We just roll our eyes and direct people to our paranormal experts. I may perhaps be on a Duke University podcast but hopefully not... just quoted.

Linda Abhors the New GR Design | 462 comments A Duke U podcast is a good thing! You don't have to travel pr be on camera! Great for the CV! :)

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QNPoohBear | 447 comments ah crazy co-worker is on that Travel Channel show. He's a minor celebrity known to school children as "ghost guy." What he never tells anyone is that we don't have records of people getting killed or injured. Remember when Ross stood up in parliament and condemned the northern mills for hiring children? They used child labor from the poor house, basically as slave labor. It was different here. We used farm children and they got paid. I'll be there tomorrow and Saturday doing my best as a modern wage slave. Where's Ross to come argue for higher wages?

Linda Abhors the New GR Design | 462 comments Ha!
Actually, there was a blond woman, too

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QNPoohBear | 447 comments The Madness of Sir George

This episode was much better than the previous two. Lots of action. Poor George. 18th century medical practices were so barbaric. I'm going to Colonial Williamsburg for a few days this week and the entrance to the art museums is in the old public hospital of 1773, a mental institution. I'll walk through it and bring back some information. Patrick Henry chose to lock his wife up at home instead of subjecting her to an institution. Now I understand better why she may have tried to throw herself through the window and cried "Give me liberty or give me death!"

I had to look away as George was being treated. I'm squeamish. I feel very sorry for poor, lonely little Valentine to witness that. He doesn't understand what happened to his mother, his father is distant again and his big brother is never home. The only ones who treat him kindly are Morwenna and Drake and Ross and Demelza. Demelza is a saint but I think even I would allow that child into my home no matter who his biological father may be. Just don't get any ideas about marrying Clowence. Jeremy and Valentine seem to have forgotten they've met and played together in the churchyard.

That girl Cecily is playing with fire. Ross handled the situation deftly. Her father is an evil man. That trip to Bristol means the slaves he's trying to get for his business.

The miners! Good for Demelza for doing something. There were some schools for the destitute just starting in London and spreading elsewhere but universal education is a long way off. The mine cave in was horrifying. Ned had me worried for a minute until I remembered he's a real person and certainly didn't die in a fictional mine in Cornwall with a fictional character rescuing other fictional characters.

Jacka Hoblyn is always nasty and it's no wonder Rosina isn't married. She would make a good wife and mother even if she has a lipsy leg. In the books it does mention her again.

Morwenna's heart must be aching for her child for her to play nice with the MIL from Hades. That woman is horrid. Drake is such a sweetheart to stand up for Morwenna.

Now we know where Ross was inured-there's no such place as James Creek! James River, yes so I am still thinking on the road to Yorktown. I'll try to find out while I'm there. I'm fact checking now.

What Kitty endured as an enslaved woman is too horrid to comprehend. I have read that to be a female slave and pretty was the worst thing that could possibly happen to you.

Fashion report: YES Demelza wears that lovely sari gown! It's beautiful but perhaps not so accurate. I also liked Caroline's red gown but again the chemisette should not be attached. Cecily wears such somber colors but young girls her age were usually dressed in white and pastels. Never bold colors-those were for older women. Where's Georgette Heyer when you need her? Winston Graham didn't get around to writing about that time period until after Heyer died.

Linda Abhors the New GR Design | 462 comments I forgot to pay attention to the "sari dress"....will gave to watch again. Rewatched episodes 1 and 2 before tonight's, to make sure I had everything. The guy who wants Ross to spy and Cecily's father look too much alike; I have to pay more careful attention.

You're on fashion patrol, lol, I'm on accent patrol....the accents were off and making me nuts tonight. The guy who plays Ned isn't Irish, so I had to look it up-he's Welsh. And I meant to look up Kitty, as well, because hers was all over the place, but forgot.
Really wanted mad George to go inside, but then looking in the window and getting smacked in the face with what he'd always known was too much, I guess. Good catch by Dwight.
Have fun in Wllmsburg....maybe the author never made it over here, Pooh, and just made up that place (trivia says they're off on the war scenes, anyway, because he's supposed to be in the Army, but his uniform is Navy).

Linda Abhors the New GR Design | 462 comments But I WAS thinking that they were kinda sorta accurate in that, while she's got that new green frock, she wears it all the time. Even though they're doing better, her wardrobe isn't as versatile as Caroline's. I'd give them accuracy points for that.

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QNPoohBear | 447 comments The accents didn't bother me but it's hard to hear the TV so I watch everything with closed captions. I pay more attention to the costumes. Demelza's green dress has ribbon at the bustline and some kind of gold print. It looks either inspired by or made from an Indian Sari. Modern Regency enthusiasts sometimes use sari fabric to make their Regency dresses.

Fact checking yielded great results. Ross could very well have been injured outside of Williamsburg, along the James River not creek.

I like how Ross is now sharing with Demelza and involving her in his business. He seems to understand better than he was in danger of losing her from his own demons. I was actually hoping Elizabeth would die sooner but I suppose that would have made her into a saint in Ross's mind and he never would have gotten over her.

PBS has a new quiz: Which Poldark character are you? I got.... Demelza. Huh? Interesting.

Linda Abhors the New GR Design | 462 comments Haha! I got Caroline....put it down to "I really don't care for any of these choices, so I guess I'll choose this one".

Linda Abhors the New GR Design | 462 comments Lordy, they have GOT to do something with Morwenna's eyebrows, or just give up and give them their own space in the casting.

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QNPoohBear | 447 comments Linda Abhors the New GR Design wrote: "Haha! I got Caroline....put it down to "I really don't care for any of these choices, so I guess I'll choose this one"."

Yeah that's how I got Demelza. Show Demelza is way more modern and spunky, especially in this episode tonight. She actively showed her displeasure about her husband's cuckoo. Poor Valentine! His grabbing the book from the child is pretty normal for that age but she needed to nip that in the bud or he'll end up like his Papa George.

Geoffrey Charles and Cecily are annoying. Dear Cecily and Morwenna: It's actually not legal to arrange marriages and force you to marry anyone without your consent. It's only legal for Papa to keep your inheritance away from you and your husband until you come of age. In the book that's way more clear. Morwenna marries Ossie of her own free will.

Morwenna and her eyebrows are going to cause big trouble trying to befriend John Conan. I can't imagine the pain she must feel but if he's being raised as a Whitworth it might be best to do what Lady Whitworth suggested. That will hurt her very much but I can't see her being involved in her son's life in any way that will please everyone involved. Georgian ladies of fashion did like their fuzzy eyebrows. I listened to a Colonial Williamsburg podcast that said women glued mouse fur eyebrows on their faces. Demelza's brows are looking a little unruly.

The politics. Oy! That Tess is a troublemaker and Hanson is stirring the pot. He is a devious one.

Ross is still crazy and Demelza's speech to him at the end is so out of character! She doesn't usually express her displeasure and he doesn't act like she's saved him. That's the one major change Debbie made when she adapted the books for a modern audience.

Poor George! I really do feel sorry for him - somewhat.

I love when Caroline speaks her feelings through Horace but honestly Dwight can't you just say I'm off to see a male patient to reassure Caroline? If she feels lost without a purpose she should make herself one. Got any more oranges? What about helping with the school? She seems to have dropped that project and left it to Morwenna and Demelza.

Fashion report:
I learned in Williamsburg that green was for rich people. It was a double dye- blue and yellow and only the really wealthy could afford it so that means no green riding habit and green dresses for Demelza. Also, Caroline should not be wearing red but Demelza's millions of red dresses are spot on. Red was dyed with bugs and you had to be poor to want to wear red.

I liked Caroline's blue dress very much but it's a style from the next decade! At least she's wearing some sort of chemisette/fichu thing but it should fill in the entire neckline. Her hair also looks Victorianish. This decade is all about the Ancient Greek look.

Does Ross not own a comb? I would not show up to Parliament looking like I got out of bed.

Linda Abhors the New GR Design | 462 comments Beyond the thick, it's the clash in her very black eyebrows and her orangutan orange bangs. Ugh.
Fun fact on the green! (And wasn't red a harlot's color, anyway? Though IIRC, out West, the Sioux prized the red fabrics).
What more did you get from Williamsburg? Get to that creek?

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QNPoohBear | 447 comments I did not find that creek but there could have been one under what is now the Parkway. There's a little creek and a walkway to the historic area along the Parkway. I'll look up Ned later when the show is over. I also did not get to the lunatic hospital but I did ask Patrick Henry about his wife who seemed to have postpartum depression turned into some kind of mental illness. His physician was like that quack that treated George. Take her to Williamsburg and put her in the hospital there. Mr. Henry visited the hospital and was horrified by what he saw - people chained to the walls and basically what we saw with George but in an institutional setting- so worse. Mrs. Henry was confined at home in a "commodious and sunny establishment" not a dank, dark dungeon. She had regular meals and they visited her there but she didn't speak. Sadly, the first Mrs. Patrick Henry never recovered from her illness.

I also visited a coffeehouse- much nicer than the one in Cornwall! It was a fine establishment with all the latest furnishings serving coffee, tea, chocolate and conversation. Nothing inflammatory, there were children present.

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QNPoohBear | 447 comments Oh Lord! Ned in his cups is even worse than sober Ned and now he's really done it. How is our hero going to get out of it this time? Caroline was very clever to get the searchers to sign something. They weren't police, there wasn't an organized police force in London yet but agents of the Crown or hired thugs. We finally get to see the guy with the bird. Merceron. Who is he? He seems to be controlling Ned.

The "scientific" pronouncements on Africans quoted by George would make me sick to try to say them. NOW Ross seems to be on the abolition side. What happened? Did all the kids in the mills suddenly recover or emigrate to America where we will pay them?

I don't get why Tess counterfeited bills. Doesn't that just hurt the working people? I like seeing Demelza stand up to Tess but I certainly would not have given her another chance. Three strikes and you're out pal.

Geoffrey Charles is so stupid! What father in his right mind would consent to allow his daughter to marry a penniless teenager? None that I know of, not even today. Contrary to what Debbie seems to believe, a father or guardian could not legally force his daughter or ward to marry against her will. Emotional blackmail, maybe. Assuming they're both under 21, which we know GC is because he was at Eton still, they can't legally be married in England. The Regency romance novel fan in me says "YES elope to Greta Green!" but the practical adult in me says "That is so stupid!"

Drake took a massively huge risk going to see Lady Whitworth and OMG stealing a child! That could have gone so so horribly wrong. Hanging, probably. I was not expecting Lady Whitworth to seem even remotely compassionate. I fully expected her to have Drake arrested. Poor Drake is so innocent and naive to the way the world works.

Drake looked so shocked and confused when Morwenna finally decided to seduce him LOL!

Fashion report:
Green clothes for Demelza: maybe but not so many!
Green for Morwenna? Um no. When she left Lady Whitworth she would have had to leave everything behind, nor would she want to wear anything Ossie bought her.
Red for Demelza: YES if it's dyed with madder, maybe cochineal by this point. Red for the miners? Yes dyed with madder.
Mauve on Caroline? Not invented yet. Some of those color combinations an fabrics did not look right at all.

Cecily has a new dress and again it looks more 1810s than 1800. The 1800 white dress look is so iconic and what people think of from that period.

Lady Whitworth keeps up with changing fashions! I really like her pelisse dress but really she should be dressed in Georgian fashion. It's a little weird to have the footman's livery match her gown.

Strange things:
Why is Christmas so green? The earth was in a cooling period- a little ice age! It's finally not raining in Cornwall and they need it to be cold and damp. Go figure.

I am saving this season on the DVR to go over again when no one is home so I can look at all the details. I think I can watch the final 3 episodes live before I have to work on Mondays.

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QNPoohBear | 447 comments This show is determined to give a heart attack.

ugh. Ned. That was dramatically awful! That initial punishment was so harsh! I would think that they would be afraid the people would revolt if their hero was killed! Oh and Wiki says he stayed in the West Indies during the Rev. War and was not in Virginia! I could not have watched that if I were Kitty or Ross. ugh. I even covered my eyes automatically.

Back in Cornwall that evil Tess is still scheming with Jacka Hoblyn. You mean to tell me Zacky Martin doesn't know exactly who is stealing their ore? Come one! I'll give you one good guess. I like Sam and Rosina. She had a plot of her own in the books that got cut out and they pretty much cut out most of Sam's heartache. Emma who?

Ross seems to have toned down his recklessness a little bit. I thought he'd go off the rails and go bezerk after Ned was hanged. That dramatic ending courtesy of Joseph Merceron practically did give me a heart attack!

Geoffrey Charles and Cecily are both idiots. There are rules to be followed in romantic plots and running to Greta always gets you caught! Then GC and Cecily hit George below the belt. I liked George's dramatic exit. That's it. I'm done. Not again. Been there done that. Cecily is a moron if she thinks her father won't drag her to a doctor to prove she did give herself to Geoffrey Charles. Even going in a closed carriage with him compromised her so really, Hanson better give in before she starts telling other people she's been compromised. All she had to do was say no. They didn't even ask if anyone objected. George obviously had a special license so they would have told the Bishop that everything was OK. In the novels people get licenses at the drop of a hat but it wasn't so easy in real life.

Fashion report:
Not to much to report this week except Cecily is finally wearing dresses that belong to debutantes, however she needs a new dressmaker to make her dresses that fit her and not look like nightgowns. When you clothes are custom made just for you, they fit you perfectly! I saw some ladies with very lovely homemade Regency costumes at the Jane Austen Festival in Bath, England and they stand out from the purchased or rented costumes.

Linda Abhors the New GR Design | 462 comments QNPoohBear wrote: "This show is determined to give a heart attack.

ugh. Ned. That was dramatically awful! That initial punishment was so harsh! I would think that they would be afraid the people would revolt if the..."

Someone who used to work with me was a person who always wore loose, baggy clothes in lots of grays and muted tones. At Halloween one year, she wore this amazing gown, the type you'd wear to King Richard's Faire.......turned out she had not only made it herself, but after losing a significant amount of weight (I'm talking at least 2 or 3 dress sizes), she took it all in, smocking on the bodice and all!

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QNPoohBear | 447 comments Two more episodes and only one more Monday off! Whatever shall I DO?!!

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QNPoohBear | 447 comments This show is determined to give me a heart attack.

George is in over his head playing with the big league bad guys. I don't think he really wants Ross killed. He seemed disturbed by Merceron and Hanson's deeds. Knowing Merceron was a real person makes his actions all that much more chilling. I was horrified by what they did to Horace! I even yelled at the TV "NOT THE DOG!" What's that going to accomplish? Thank goodness Caroline's best pal survived because her marriage is in trouble and she needs someone to talk through.

Dwight and Caroline need to talk to each other- again- about his work. She knew from the outset how important his work is to him and how it comes first in their relationship.

Ross is superhuman. He used up 2 lives in this one episode and I think he's already been through about 7! I don't like the idea of him lying to Demelza and becoming a French spy or worse, a double agent. He KNOWS what happens to traitors! If he didn't have the miners to worry about I'd say just pack up the family and go to America! Not that we'd be so welcoming but still, he can join the Outlander characters LOL!

Geoffrey Charles is still a naive idiot. WHY did no one think of bringing him to Captain Blamey? Hello, packet captain, can take you places and if no one knows about him, it will be fine. I don't know why Ross brought the lovebirds to Cornwall-the FIRST place her father will look. First you set spies on the Great North Road to find out if they went to Gretna while you go off to Cornwall. I thought GC was dead and Cecily was going to do a Juliet or her father was going to kill her. She was very brave and did the right thing. Ross should have purchased a commission for GC to go fight the French when GC first fell in love with Cecily or done something to separate them. That relationship was destined not to work out.

Where is Kitty going? Jamaica? I thought she wanted to go back to Honduras or is this woman the worst actress ever? First it was James Creek and now it's Jamaica. Wiki says she may actually have been of Jamaican heritage or Spanish Creole. Also according to Wiki, Kitty and Ned had a son 10 years before the Poldark series has her pregnant! She died in 1815 and there's nothing about her life after Ned was hanged.

That Tess! She's always up to no good and sweet, innocent Sam can't see that. Demelza knows.

Next week I have to work early Monday morning and probably take the bus in earlier than I need to so I won't be able to watch the series finale! I had better go see how many holds are on The Stranger from the Sea and put my name on the list. I no longer have a subscription to the other library.

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QNPoohBear | 447 comments Well, it's finally over. They rushed that episode big time. A good chunk of the time slot on Boston's WGBH was taken up by the pledge hosts trying to raise money for the station.

There was way too much and not enough happening in the episode. It got a little tense for awhile but I was happy all loose ends were tied up, for now. I rather liked George's role in the finale but I feel sad for him and sorry for Valentine. I loved Dwight's confrontation with Ross. Tell it like it is, Dwight. Sadly, he failed to point out the 7 months child that's the spit and image of Uncle Ross. They're still dancing around that one.

Hanson and Merceron are despicable villains.

Rev. Halse appears again although I could have sworn he was supposed to be dead. I seem to recall Rosina had a subplot earlier in the series. I'm curious to see if she ends up in the same place in the books. I hope so but what happened to Jacka? Did Ross rat him out as a traitor or "leave him be?"

I knew Morwenna and Drake would have a girl because she won't replace John Conan and they can love her without comparison to her half-brother. What happened to Ossie's daughters?!

I was very shocked by Demelza's news but that answered the question about the last book title. What's the significance of the names? They're not ringing a bell.

I'm happy Caroline and Dwight talked about their issues but surprised it took this long for her to want to try for another child. I thought they were earlier and it wasn't working out.

I have the next book winging it's way to the library for me. I hope it's there tomorrow. I'm seeing different titles listed for some of the early books in the series in the library catalog. I'll have to check them out and see how they compare to the reprints.

Linda Abhors the New GR Design | 462 comments It's been a fun 5 years, Mesdames etc. Monsieur....thanks the company! I've enjoyed having someone to discuss it with!

message 35: by QNPoohBear (new)

QNPoohBear | 447 comments Linda Abhors the New GR Design wrote: "It's been a fun 5 years, Mesdames etc. Monsieur....thanks the company! I've enjoyed having someone to discuss it with!"

Me too! I'm going to continue reading the books if you want to read along. I have Stranger... with me now. I haven't started it past the first paragraph. I made the mistake of reading the book descriptions for the last few books I haven't read. MAJOR spoiler that I didn't think about or want to know. I thought about it for another character. Winston Graham sure knew how to put his readers through the emotional wringer. The show is more dramatic and romantic but the book series is gut wrenching at times.

Linda Abhors the New GR Design | 462 comments You are already so far ahead of me in the series....I've not read a one

message 37: by QNPoohBear (new)

QNPoohBear | 447 comments The books add so much more to the story but Ross isn't very likable. I started Stranger but so far he's just catching us up to speed with what we know while waiting for a battle to begin.

message 38: by QNPoohBear (new)

QNPoohBear | 447 comments In case you're wondering, here's what happened in the last 10 years since we left the Poldarks.

After his duel with Monk Addlerly and Elizabeth's death, Ross felt discontented with Parliament and wanted to quit. Lord Falmouth wouldn't hear of it but they found reasons to send Ross abroad to do some info gathering.

Demelza is holding down the fort at home, content with her children and having enough money to be comfortable. Jeremy is now 19 and did well in Truro Grammar School but lacks ambition. Clowance is now 16 and a fair beauty, tomboy. She ran away from boarding school just because she was bored. Papa Ross can't control her.

They have another daughter, Bella, age 8 and "dainty."

The Enyses have two daughters, Sophie, a year younger than Bella and Meliora! Drake and Morwenna just the one.

Geoffrey Charles is fighting with Wellington in Portugal when Ross shows up to gather information on the eve of a battle. He is old enough to inherit Trenwith but hasn't been home in years. Trenwith is falling into disrepair.

After Elizabeth's death George stopped caring about everything and anything. Uncle Cary had to save him from a few bad business decisions. George moved in with his parents bringing the children. He grew to love Elizabeth and acknowledges his role in their disagreements. Valentine is growing up to be a "peculiar" child but little Ursula is the apple of her grandmother's eye. Once his parents die, George moves to London and Truro, shutting up Trenwith except for a monthly visit and surprising the Harrys who are in charge.

George doesn't care about politics at first until the situation with the King starts getting confusing. He becomes a Whig again even if he doesn't agree with their politics because they think they'll be the ruling party once the old King dies.

A chance meeting with Clowance in Trenwith awakens George's sexual desires (ew!) but not specifically her. He starts courting an impecunious younger widow, sister of a Duke and as conservative as he. She's either independent and uninterested or playing hard to get.

George is now more interested in the mills in Manchester. He doesn't care about the horrific conditions. That's commerce. He DOES go north to Manchester but didn't seem to have had bereavement hallucinations. Ross went to the West Indies to inspect the condition of the British troops in Honduras but nothing about Ned.

message 39: by QNPoohBear (new)

QNPoohBear | 447 comments HA HA HA HA Loveday is a mare not a child!

Ross didn't like Parliament where words mean more than actions. He went on a mission to Portugual, met GC and fought a minor battle to survive and return home to London. He was eager to get home to his wife. She was anxious for his return as well and they were both waiting impatiently for the now nearly grown children to go to bed so they could um go to bed themselves.

Ross (view spoiler)

Demelza wonders if the children know what their parents are up to after dark. I'm sure they do! Jeremy indicates he's had rolls in the hay literally with village girls and Clowance allows a stranger to take liberties even Marianne Dashwood doesn't let Willoughby take. Not that we know of anyway, thank you Jane.

Jeremy and Ross don't really get along. Jeremy lacks his father's passion and ambition, except he doesn't. He's secretly obsessed with steam engines. (view spoiler)

Clowance has two suitors: the stranger they rescued from the sea who seems roguish to me and a gently born younger son/brother of a I think Duke... it doesn't matter...

Sam did marry Rosina, age 30, after converting her and 2 years courtship and 2 years engagement. No children but they raise cows and he works in the carpenter's shop Drake vacated when he married Morwenna.

George, now 51 (!) has had his sexual desire awakened by Clowance (ewwww). He's busy with commerce and trying to get more money to marry this young widow.

Valentine, now 17, finally appears at the end of Book 2. He's a sad disappointment after the spunky, bratty child of the show. He's at Eton and badly spoiled. His appearance is rather foppish and his manner is shocking. (view spoiler) He's been raised a Warleggan and no indication that Ross is indeed his biodad even after the end of the previous book when George was holding newborn Ursula thinking all 3 children looked like their fathers. Valentine's looks though were described as changeable so it's still ambiguous.

Ursula at 11 is smarter and more trustworthy in terms of business than her brother. Is that because she's a true Warleggan? She hasn't made an appearance on her own yet.

John Conan, called Conan in the book, is fat, stupid and doesn't seem to have any manners. Morwenna was right. He is too much a Whitworth. Lady Whitworth is "superannuated" and probably trying to marry her grandson off to someone. George is thinking alliance of his own and future alliance for V who has no intentions of being caught and intends to sow his wild oats even after marriage.

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QNPoohBear | 447 comments Breaking news from The Miller's Dance

The family tree shows Drake and Morwenna's daughter IS Loveday... confusing

Ross and Elizabeth are not related by blood so there goes that excuse for Valentine's looks. More on him later.

Clowance is a huge disappointment. She's a dippy teen in love with a rogue who sees her parents as middle-aged, snobby, fuddy duddies

Jeremy's plans are coming to naught and he's thinking of joining his cousin GC in the army. GC continues to distinguish himself in Spain.

Ross is finally getting romantic with Demelza. He realizes he held her and the children to double standards and he relies on her and loves her. So much so... (view spoiler)

George (view spoiler)

Valentine is into sowing his wild oats with chambermaids. He resents his father a lot. Ross and Demelza worry about him cultivating a relationship with their children. They do not want him to get too friendly with Clowance. Ahem. The children think their parents are making too much of an old fued. They have no idea the real reason that would be very bad. (view spoiler)

message 41: by QNPoohBear (new)

QNPoohBear | 447 comments Final news from The Miller's Dance

Lots going on in the romance department. History is repeating itself Warleggan vs. Poldark. Valentine is leading Andrew Blamey, Jr. astray. George is mad his wife and son are spending his money. He really wants Valentine to be a gentleman complete with a country seat so... (view spoiler)

George's wife is a tiger in the bedroom, when she allows him in her bed. I'm guessing children are not on her agenda. She is not refined like Elizabeth, nor can she manage the household silently and efficiently, nor can he consult her on business matters. In short- the marriage seems like a disaster.

Wheal Grace is failing but Jeremy, Ross, Stephen (the stranger from the sea) and friends bought Wheal Leisure from George. Jeremy thinks a high-pressure steam engine will pump out enough water to allow them to continue working the mine. He throws himself into his steam projects to push away his broken heart.

(view spoiler)

Clowance is a dopey teenager in love/lust with Stephen Carrington, the stranger from the sea. I don't like him AT ALL. He wants to posses her mind, body and soul, he would cut her off from her family and friends and not look back. He's madly in lust for her.

(view spoiler)

Demelza (view spoiler)

G-C is still on the Peninsula. He writes with big news at the end (view spoiler)

Jeremy is brokenhearted and he finally starts acting reckless like his dad but NOT like his dad. He does something really really stupid and illegal for the wrong reasons. He doesn't champion justice like Ross. Jeremy and Clowance are both rather disappointing and boring young adults.

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QNPoohBear | 447 comments Almost nothing from this season aligns with the later books but Winston Graham isn't super careful with his facts. Loveday was a mare but Loveday is now Drake and Morwenna's child. Isabella-Rose and Henry are not special names from history or associated with Cornwall or the characters so much that Ross and Demelza would immediately come up with those names for the new baby. Isabella-Rose just seems to be a name they liked. She's a precocious, spoiled, bouncy wild child who reminds me much of my younger niece. She's akin to Tootie in Meet Me in St. Louis!

Henry was first after an uncle of Demelza's and then in Miller's Dance she says it was after Ross's grandfather's middle name!

I can see why Aidan and Eleanor didn't want to do more series of the show. The action switches to the younger generation while the older characters we love are settled into middle age. Dwight is still working and working hard while Caroline raises the children. Ross is back and forth from London, running the mines and the farm, content to stay home with his family and loving Demelza. Boring stuff...

Morwenna still has PTSD resulting in nightmares and sometimes day nightmares. She can push away the terror during the day when she's conscious but after (view spoiler) she's resolved to get over her fear by imagining Drake holding her hand even if he's not actually physically present. AWW!! However, Conan knows who she is so he's either been told or remembers her. There's no way she would have met him in secret. She married Drake and they moved to Looe to oversee Ross's shipyard and Looe is too far from wherever Lady Whitworth lives. Drake and Morwenna are the happiest couple in the series, even in spite of her PTSD. Ross and Demelza are happy NOW and Caroline and Dwight seem happy enough. It's hard to tell. He's focused on his career and she on the children. Drake says they may have only the one child but it's not for lack of loving. He's very sweet!

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QNPoohBear | 447 comments More updates in case anyone is reading this and wants to know.

Geoffrey Charles is about to resign from the army now they believe the war is over. (Napoleon has been sent to rule over Elba). His young wife is now pregnant and she has money to restore Trenwith.

Clowance (view spoiler)

George is a really nasty guy. I don't feel sorry for him anymore. He takes perverse pleasure in brutally punishing those he feel have wronged him in some way. Because he's sexually attracted to Clowance, as he was to Morwenna, this spells trouble for the Poldark juniors. Ursula is a strange child and takes after George.

Valentine (view spoiler)

Jeremy joined the army and the blurb for the next book shares a spoiler. I did skim ahead to discover (view spoiler)

I fear our beloved Dr. Enys will not be with us much longer. He caught something in the village. He put himself on a starvation diet and prescribed chichona bark (Asprin) and opium!

I believe Ross and Demelza are going to Portugual as part of the peace negotiations. Ross says he doesn't want to go but D feels he'll end up restless again and wishing he had gone. He doesn't want to leave her and she doesn't want to go. Again, jacket blurb spoilers.

message 44: by QNPoohBear (new)

QNPoohBear | 447 comments Final updates on the Poldarks from The Loving Cup.

All ends on a happy note! The war is over at last, G-C is to return home to Trenwith and use his wife's money to set it to rights as soon as she is confined. They have a baby (view spoiler)

Valentine (view spoiler)

Ross is asked to go join Wellington in France but bring the family and make a spying mission look like a vacation. He was also offered a baronetcy! He refused!! Demelza was horrified at the idea of being Lady Poldark but she regrets Ross won't get to thumb his nose at George with a higher title.

Trouble in paradise (Nampara) briefly when (view spoiler)

Ross gives his eldest some advice (view spoiler)

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QNPoohBear | 447 comments Paris, 1815
Ross, Demelza and the younger children have been sent on an unofficial spying mission to find out whether the French army is loyal to Napoleon and who else might be a troublemaker. Ross is hanging out with real people and now I see where the screenwriters reimagined things for the show. Remember M. Tallein? The dude with the eye patch that made Ross turn traitor and fought a duel in which Demelza saves the day? He was a real person.

Remember way back in 1795 when Dwight was a French POW and Ross went to free him? In the book Ross went along with a contingent of real life royalists who tried to mount a counterrevolutionary movement and failed. While Ross was busy getting Dwight out of that hellhole, here's what happened, Wikipedia summary Ross holds Tallin responsible.

Ross meets Tallin in Paris in 1815 before Napoleon's return. Tallin makes Demelza very very uncomfortable. Ross comes home to find Demelza on the edge of her seat looking miserable and Tallin trying to "make love" to Demelza. Ross goes ballistic as usual, Tallin challenges Ross to a duel, sort of. He backs off a bit when Ross accepts. (A 55-year-old Ross with rheumatism in his ankle fighting a duel? really?) Ross forgets all about it.

Napoleon escapes Elba. D is friends with a Bourbon royalist spy (a woman) who encourages D and children to leave Paris while Ross is away spying on the French army. D won't leave without Ross but for the sake of the children, she goes, leaving Ross a note. He returns to find his family missing and the servant he questions clearly isn't in on the truth but he doesn't know that so off he goes trying to find his family only to run smack dab into Napoleon's arrival in Paris.

Ross wanders off in search of his family again... (view spoiler) EEEK!
end book 1.

The older children are boring as heck. Caroline, Dwight and daughters were supposed to join Poldarks in Paris for Easter. Don't know where they are at the moment.

Ross is not "in love" with Demelza until he sees her looking young and beautiful in Paris with other men swarming around assuming she's his second wife. It took many years to repair their relationship after Hugh. I think Isabella-Rose is another makeup child. Remember Clowance is only a few months younger than Valentine.

George's suspicious mind is at work again but this time he's justified. He's trying to catch a criminal and suspects Clowance's husband. Who actually WAS one of the perpetrators. This isn't going to go well.

I think Winston Graham was writing the French Revolution as someone who lived through WWII and the Cold War. The Jacobins were the Communists of their day. It's an interesting take on the French Revolution I hadn't thought of when the Revolution was shoved down my throat in high school both in French class and history class.

I'll keep you posted on further developments.

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QNPoohBear | 447 comments Tallin drops out of the plot but is no doubt at work behind-the-scenes working with Joseph Fouché, 1st Duc d'Otrante to (view spoiler) Ross has friends in high places too and (view spoiler)

BIG spoiler ahead
(view spoiler)

Ross reflects (view spoiler)

I skimmed ahead
(view spoiler)

Skimming to the very end
(view spoiler)

heh heh George... (view spoiler)

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QNPoohBear | 447 comments Oh gosh, The Twisted Sword is the hardest to read since The Four Swans.

Ross and Demelza (view spoiler)

Oh Gawd Valentine is stirring up trouble. He actually asks Dwight how Elizabeth died and Dwight gives the standard answer of childbirth. V pushes a bit and Dr. Enys admits blood poisoning but won't ever mention the potion. He couldn't have stopped the gangrene though. V remembers the smell and how his parents had fought earlier. He knows he was premature and wow Urusula was to... hmm... He's not a stupid man.

So... Valentine goes and asks Ross POINT BLANK if there's a possibility Ross could be his father! OMG Ross says POSSIBLY but no one knows for sure. Possibly Elizabeth didn't know either. (Is he REALLY that stupid?) Ross threatens Valentine if V ever mentions it out loud in private or public. V will have TWO men wanting to kill him-George and Ross. I think V will because he's like that.

V's wife (view spoiler)

Clowance's husband Stephen
(view spoiler)

Remember old Tholly Tregrils, the hook-handed man who went to France with Ross to free Dwight? He was still alive until now. On his deathbed he reminisced about Ross's parents. It was interesting to learn more about them. Old Joshua was a wild one even after marriage but as long as he had a wife, he was faithful to her. He had Nampara built by the miners just for him to have a place of his own. It wasn't fancy but it was his. Ross's mother was beautiful with long black hair and she had a temper! Tholly commented on the necessity of keeping the line going forward.

I keep skimming ahead and back again so if I come up with anything else you'll want to know, I'll comment again. There are subplots that were cut out of the show so I haven't added them here.

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QNPoohBear | 447 comments Verity
(view spoiler)

message 49: by QNPoohBear (last edited Jan 16, 2020 06:13PM) (new)

QNPoohBear | 447 comments Verity
(view spoiler)

was only able to have the one son, Andrew, Jr. (view spoiler)

Ross reveals to Dwight (view spoiler)

After a month Ross says (view spoiler)

This is a sad book. Read it with a few hankies handy!

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QNPoohBear | 447 comments Ok it's time to begin the final farewell to the Poldarks. Here be spoilers.

(view spoiler)

Ross is still cagey but when he gets restless he takes long, solitary walks. The marriage is going strong still. He learned his lessons, finally. He is close to being a "warm" man as in wealthy! That only took what 30 years? It's due partly to the Industrial Revolution. I thought he'd be hit by the post-war recession.

Demelza (view spoiler)

Clowance (view spoiler)

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