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Rachel | 179 comments Dr Jane Goodall is a hero to me, yet I've never read any of her books or work. And I'm a bit ashamed that it took me over a year to pick one of her books for the book club but regardless it's the eve of a new month and a new book and it's time! This book is about her time in Tanzania, living with chimpanzees in the Gombe Stream Chimpanzee Reserve. Her work with the chimpanzees was/is revolutionary and I'm excited to read about her experiences and work!

Rachel | 179 comments Apparently this book is hard to find, as it turns out. I thought I had a copy, but I really just have 3 other awesome books by Jane Goodall. It's not available on kindle, at my library, or locally at any bookstore so I've ordered a copy for myself on Thriftbooks. Feel free to read a different book by Jane Goodall if you want instead this month!!

Rachel | 179 comments Is anyone else reading this month? I'm almost done and I'm so totally enthralled and blown away by her experiences in Gombe. The chimps read like characters in a story, which of course they are, but it's fascinating. Can I be like Jane Goodall when I grow up? :D

Rachel | 179 comments I finished this book a little late BUT I loved it. Jane Goodall is very insightful and I loved reading about the chimpanzees at Gombe like characters in a story. Which they are, but I felt like I knew them by the end of the book and was invested in their lives. Simultaneously I learned a lot about chimps that I didn't know before. It's really amazing how much Jane Goodall accomplished in those early years at Gombe with very little scientific training, or maybe because she didn't have a lot of formal training in preparation for it. She's really an amazing person and I am going to read more of her books.

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