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A Head Full of Ghosts
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Owen | 105 comments Mod
Here for thoughts on Part 2 (Chapters 14-22)

Claire | 77 comments Just finished chapter 22. THis is such a fast read. At times it feels like there's not much happening but you feel compelled to keep turning the pages to find out what's going to happen next.

One thing I dont like is the blog posts at the beginning of every section. The tone is so different from the rest of the book that it really takes me out of the story.

Things really pick up in this part and you feel this dread of what's going to happen at the end.

Owen | 105 comments Mod
Am enjoying this - am struggling a bit to see how something new and compelling can be made out of a possession trope but PT seems really aware of the references and hence am hopeful of something interesting to come.

I do feel like the characters are pretty well drawn and believable. I don't feel super invested in whether they pull through or not (maybe because we know Merry came through it as she's telling the story). It's a convincing depiction of the two kids though.

Yeah I also really didn't like the blog parts, they are really annoying (which makes them a pretty accurate depiction of blogging!)

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