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The Man Who Climbs Trees
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Owen | 78 comments Mod
Here to post thoughts on Prologue and Chapters 1/2

Owen | 78 comments Mod
Ok so first things first this was a terrible choice because I do not like heights! I'm ok with tall buildings etc but dangling from a rope in a tree would turn me into a wreck. The part where he discovers he hadn't tied off his rope in chapter two gave me sweaty palms!

But overall I think a good nature book should take you to places that give a different perspective of time/space/life/experience etc. The sheer time involved in growing these huge trees, the totally different life that lives in them, the tiny human in a place they typically can't reach.

I like it so far. It hasn't achieved the kind of linguistic or meditative brilliance of the great nature books but I like it. I feared after I suggested it that it might turn out to be a bit of a bro adrenaline book but so far it stays out of that trap.

Oh one more thing - his catapult thing is home made and he's firing a rope over a branch he can barely see and then using that to climb up something the size of Nelson's column. Did I mention I don't like heights.

Claire | 50 comments I'm enjoying this so far. I have always loved and had a fascination with trees so this book is for me.

I'm enjoying the writing and the imagery he creates in the way he talks about trees is beautiful.

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