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message 1: by Zainab (new)

Zainab | 164 comments hey, i kind of recently discovered this website, and I think it is awesome..i've already got a list of books i would like to read, so thats good, because i've been a bit stuck these days..
also, im kind of very confused about how im supposed to use this properly...so yeah!

message 2: by Josie (new)

Josie (maid_marian) | 126 comments Hi Zainab - from a fellow Aussie, welcome to Wild Things! I'm sure you'll figure it out once you've muddled you're way around, it's not hard...have fun :)

message 3: by Brenda (new)

Brenda (librarymom23) Hi Zainab, Welcome to the group.

message 4: by Jo (new)

Jo Welcome Zainab

message 5: by Zainab (new)

Zainab | 164 comments hey
thanks everyone..yeah, hopefully soon..

message 6: by Laura (new)

Laura (apenandzen) Hi Zainab, and welcome! We're glad you're already enjoying yourself.

message 7: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer (JenJen1221) | 623 comments welcome to the group!!!

message 8: by Lydia (new)

Lydia (loverofinformation) | 596 comments Zainab, welcome and I hope you will come and check out our Reading Challenge #3! We could use some suggestions. I have been indulging in Australian YA lately and finding a group of wonderful writers. It would be great if you could suggest even more!

message 9: by Malcolm (new)

Malcolm Walker (malcolmwalker) Hi everyone and welcome Zainab,

As an Aussie YA author I'm interested to know which Aussie authors people are reading as I may be able to make some suggestions. I don't want to chuck any names into the hat yet because it nearly always turns out that people have read half of them and then you feel like a bit of a klutz. So which writers from Down Under have people been reading?



message 10: by Zainab (new)

Zainab | 164 comments Thanks Lydia, ill check it out :D

Thank you Malcolm. Well, I'm a fan of John Marsden and Melina Marchetta. Ive read one book by Scott Monk because i cant get my hands on any others. Im not exactly sure she classifies as an aussie author, but Juliet Marillier is one of my favs for sure. As a kid i used to read Emily Rodda, Morris Gleitzman and a little bit of Paul Jennings, but i wasnt really a fan of the last one...suggestions??

message 11: by Malcolm (new)

Malcolm Walker (malcolmwalker) Hi Zainab,

I've read a couple by Melina Marchetta, although I think Looking for Alibrandi is her best. She has a YA fantasy out called Finniken of the Rock (haven't read it); also some of Marsden's Tomorrow series. The other three you've mentioned I know of but haven't read, although Emily Rodda has a fiercesome reputation as a good writer over here.

Okay, starting with the South Australia where I live, there's any of Sean Williams's YA books and of course D M Cornish's Monster Blood Tattoo series (you'll find David on Goodreads as an author). Also Lian Hearn's Across the Nightingale Floor series set in a mythical feudal Japan. She also writes as Gillian Rubenstein - my favourite under her real name being Foxspell but it may be out of print (you could try your library). Ian Bone's Sleep Rough Tonight is very good as are most of his other YA titles.

Interstate there's Markus Zusak's The Book Thief and The Messenger, also Gary Crew's Strange Objects and Catherine Jinks's Pagan series. Sonya Hartnett is a brilliant writer: try Thursday's Child, The Silver Donkey and The Ghost's Child - these are the ones of hers I've read so far. Phillip Gwynne's Deadly Unna is very good too. Garth Nix’s Sabriel and Lirael (haven’t read the 3rd one) in The Old Kingdom series. Anything by the New Zealand writer Margaret Mahy is highly recommended, particularly The Tricksters and The Haunting. I’ve probably forgotten quite a few but this list isn’t meant to be comprehensive and really only covers authors whose works I’ve read.

Finally there’s my good self (probably should be slotted in with the South Australians) with The Stone Crown

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