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Ralph Gallagher I love to write. In fact, I do it all the time. In my works, I have a lot of LGBT themes. I've written erotica, coming-out stories, and short stories where the character just happens to be gay.

What about you guys? If you write, do you have LGBT themes in your writings? If you do, what do you write about? (Erotica, coming-out, dealing with sexuality, religion vs sexuality, characters that just happen to be LGBT, etc.)

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i do write, quite alot. though my stories are almost exclusively about middle aged straight couples,with a teenage lesbian every once and a while, my erotica is always about gay men.

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Christy Stewart (christyleighstewart) | 22 comments I used to write a lot of fanfic and it is impossible (for TRUE fans) to write fanfic without it being LGBT.

Ralph Gallagher Christy wrote: "I used to write a lot of fanfic and it is impossible (for TRUE fans) to write fanfic without it being LGBT."

So true! I've written a bunch of slash fanfics. :D

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Ted (efcorson) | 414 comments Mod
Were they rule 34? lol

Ralph Gallagher Ted wrote: "Were they rule 34? lol"

A couple have been. I've written all sorts of slash. I've had like three people try and get me to write Jason Steed slash. o.O

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Christy Stewart (christyleighstewart) | 22 comments One of my pastimes is to read summaries for rule 34 fics. You don't have to actually read the stories, the premises are always funny enough.

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Dylan (greendragon06) | 8 comments I love to write. I have written some fanfiction lately that I have put on some fanfiction sites. I have written stories with gay, lesbian,and transgendered characters in it, not usually bisexual characters though...I don't know why not...maybe some of my characters are bisexual, but I write stories that usually a character only has one partner talked about in the story, if any at all.

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Marlene Slade (marlenekslade) | 5 comments My name is Marlene K. Slade. My debut novel is a gay fiction romance drama titled Music Box Danseur. My next novel is set for release in the Fall of 2010 It is a fantasy fiction novel with a gay and lesbian character. I have been writing books and poetry for well over 15 years and have several novels completed and over a dozen finished poems. I wasn't planning on releasing any of my stories or poems for publication, but my family and friends encouraged me to release my work to a wider audience. I'm glad that I listened to them. Since it's release in February 2009 Music Box Danseur has sold and continues to sell to numerous readers across the nation and has received glowing 5-Star reviews. Music Box Danseur was selected as an Honorable Mention in the Gay Category at the 2010 San Francisco Book Festival. I am beyond thrilled by the feedback on this book and looking forward to putting out more of my work in the years to come.

There is also a new development in the form of a screenplay that is in the works for Music Box Danseur. For friends, fans, and readers across the nation that have enjoyed and approached or informed me that they would love to see Music Box Danseur made into a movie, I am pleased to announce that I am diligently working on making your request come true. I am currently working on a screenplay adapted from the book and will be networking and pitching the finished product to Independant film makers around the world. I will gladly keep all interested friends, fans, and readers informed of any and all progress that is made on this project through my website at:

Thank you readers and thank you Goodreads for having this fantastic site for authors to showcase their written creations. Wishing what you read is a good read!
From Marlene K. Slade

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David Burton (davidhburton) Although my books do have gay/lesbian characters in them, coming out is not part of the story. It's fantasy (the characters just happen to be GLBT) and children's fantasy (the kids have 2 dads). I think it seems to work.

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Jon (jon_michaelsen) | 37 comments In my writing, the main protagonist is always gay, others characters happen to be glbtq, depending on the storyline. I penned coming out stories when I was much younger (and still have them) but never published at that time. I keep thinking that one day, I'll pull the stories together and compile something! It was just such a painful period in my life (we're talking 1974 era upon first realizing, not acting on the impulses until 1977 and not coming out, per se, until 1979. So, a long time ago and at a time when the acceptance of being gay was not like it is today...

I'm currently working on a novel that deals with a closeted homicide cop struggling with the sudden accidental loss of his lover - who returns to work to catch a case involving the murder of a male stripper; the suspect, a gay teen banished from home because of his sexuality. Wow, have I covered all territories in this one!

In the meantime, I've penned some shorts that are available here MEN: From His and His KissesVoyeur. I have a new novella coming out in mid-summer, titled Prince Of The Sea Jon Michaelsen. You can view the new cover here.

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Jay Bell (jaybell) | 7 comments I've written three books with gay themes. The first book I ever wrote I avoided the topic, and it simply didn't work. My heart wasn't in it. As soon as I decided to be as open in my writing as I am in real life, the stories and characters began to flow.

I don't think I'll ever be able to write a story without gay elements. I really enjoy stories where the main character just happens to be gay, without the entire story revolving around coming out. My first release is a fantasy novel, but I've also written a romance novel and another that I'm not sure how to categorize at all.

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Jonathan Treadway | 1 comments I'm a fairly new author with two short stories published. I love writing gay romance stories and read as many as I can get. Since I read and use the computer at work for techie stuff, I enjoy being able to write and read about HEAs. I also love reading mysteries with gay detectives. Like Jay, my stories will always have gay elements in it. My next project is to write a YA story, which will be new to me...but I have three books going right now. Wish me luck!

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Jay Bell (jaybell) | 7 comments That's really cool that you've had two short stories published! I've never had much luck in that regard. When you say you have three books going, are you writing all of them at once?

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Jon (jon_michaelsen) | 37 comments Jonathan - you have three books going?! Do I ever wish you luck!!!!! I can only work on one story at a time. I totally emerse myself in the story - live the characters - so, working on more than one story is just not possible for me, so I envy you.

I can however, read more than one novel/story at a time, which I do quite often, but usually different themes/plots.

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Damian Serbu (damianserbu) | 5 comments I always write with gay characters. At this point, it would be hard to imagine not doing that. I think there are enough straight people writing about themselves! :) For me, it's central to what I am doing to maintain main characters who are gay.

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M. Kei (kujakupoet) | 10 comments I'm the author of a gay nautical fiction trilogy, Pirates of the Narrow Seas. Book One : The Sallee Rovers, Book Two : Men of Honor, and Book Three : Iron Men. I've written a lot of fiction in a previous life, with all sorts of characters, but gay men and the occasional transman interest me the most. In real life I'm a poet, well known in my field. It seems there's always another area of life to come out in; I was one of the first openly queer poets in my field, which is kind of sad, given that it's the 21st century. We've made progress in so many areas, and yet there's still so far to go. Writing adventure novels is just plain fun; yes, you have to deal with historical homophobia, but at the same time, you can create whatever adventures you want.

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Amber Lehman (amber_lehman73) | 4 comments I generally write about teen LGBT characters-mostly coming out and sexual identity issues. It's just what interests me most. My first novel is called TORN. It's a YA novel for older teens and deals with issues of sexual identity. It has some mature content in it, that's why I say it's for older teens. I feel very fortunate that it was the winner of the 2010 Next Generation Indie Book Awards in the GLBT category, and a finalist in the Lambda Literary Awards. Torn

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Duane Simolke (duanesimolke) | 19 comments All of my books include gay themes and/or characters, as well as people of color. I think the diversity adds realism, but it also just happens naturally for me, and it helps avoid sameness in the characters. The Acorn Stories and Holding Me Together both dealt a lot with homophobia. In Degranon, gays were idealized, as in many Native American cultures. In my more recent works, being gay has become a total nonissue.

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Missy Welsh (missywelsh) My first book, My Summer of Wes, released today and it focuses on eighteen-year-old Mal as he struggles to overcome four years of abuse in high school and figure out if he's gay or not. Falling in love with his best friend helps determine his sexuality and having Wes as his friend first helps him overcome his fears. I didn't set out to write a story with a message, but since writing it, I've learned a lot about gay youth in schools across America. It's now a subject close to my heart.

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Dale Lazarov (dale_lazarov) | 13 comments Hi, folks!

I am Dale Lazarov. I write and edit gay erotic comics for gay men and the women who love them. :) Here's my standard extended bio:

"Dale Lazarov is the writer/editor of

STICKY Sticky by Dale Lazarov (drawn by Steve MacIsaac),

MANLY Manly by Amy Colburn (drawn by Amy Colburn),

and, his latest, NIGHTLIFE Nightlife by Dale Lazarov (drawn by Bastian Jonsson),

collections of gay erotic comics that Gay Vox, among others, have called “the best gay erotica comics ever”.

Dale's collaboration with erotic artist Drubskin, "The Welcome Back Fuck", was featured in BEST GAY EROTICA 2007 (Cleis Press). He’s currently collaborating on GOOD SPORTS with David Dembowski, FANCY with Delic Van Loond, BULLDOGS with Chas Hunter, FAST FRIENDS with Laura "Zel" Carboni, CHUMS with Foxy Andy, NIGHTLIFE 2 with Bastian Jonsson, SPICY with Diego Gomez, and POWER POP BOYS with Mioki. Dale currently lives and works in Chicago.

Among other things, STICKY and MANLY have the distinction of being held in world-class special collections of comic art at university libraries. Take THAT, naysayers!"


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Dale Lazarov (dale_lazarov) | 13 comments PS -- you can find NSFW page samples from NIGHTLIFE here:

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Ronnie (hathor422) | 2 comments I am an aspiring author that has completed 2 manuscripts. One is an urban fantasy and my main characters are lesbians. The other is a YA fantasy novel that is far from anything lbgt; but I do plan to introduce an lgbt character in future sequels.

I couldn't imagine NOT writing a gay or lesbian character in any of my stories because it's just who I am. I like to read characters that I can identify with, and while alot of the books I read may not be lgbt books in particular; there are lesbian or bi characters in them that I can relate to and root for. So in turn, I write characters I identify with.

With 2 completed manuscripts and working on 2 more at the present, I hope to have a novel in publication by the start of 2011.

If anyone would like to read the first, unedited draft of my lesbian vampire novel email me. I am always looking for opinions.

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