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message 1: by Jim (new)

Jim Carrow | 111 comments I'm hearing I Will Not Bow. This makes me think about the people who do have lives like this.
Now The dark begins to rise, save your breath it's far from over
Leave the lost and dead behind, nows your chance to run for cover
I don't want to change the world, I just want to leave it colder
Light the fuse and burn it up, take the path that leads to nowhere
All is lost again, but I'm not giving in
I Will Not Bow, I Will Not Break
I Will shove the world away
I will not fall, I will not fade
I will take your breath away

This makes you wonder what the hell people are doing. Honestly. Imagine you have a life like this song.

The meaning behind the song is very deep. It's bascially about war and poverty in my mind. Except you have no hope. None at all. I was real depressed a year or so ago. Nothing too serious, wasn't taking drugs or anything, and I was smiling whenever anyone asked me anything, but it felt horrible. Like you are being eaten away at, slowly but surely.
I have lost the will to change, and shut the world away for me that was. That's over and done, and now I think back and realize it was good in a twisted way because after that I'm more confident and self-assured. But it was horrible and I don't reccomend it. Don't ask why I was depressed, I'm touchy on that.

message 2: by Steven (new)

Steven Potter | 40 comments Have you ever heard the Song Dead Man's Ballet by Sixx AM? It a great song about a man addicted to heroin and he goes through depression while trying to quit.

message 3: by Ain020596 (new)

Ain020596 Well, I can say that I know a sad song, Empty Frames by Ne-Yo. Very sad, but not as deep.
Whats up with the Emo topic?

message 4: by Jim (new)

Jim Carrow | 111 comments It was posted in Deep Thoughts when I heard this song, then it was given it's own topic.

message 5: by [deleted user] (last edited Oct 07, 2009 03:45PM) (new)

i love that song! and im almost always depressed...

message 6: by Miles (new)

Miles | 6 comments depression sucks. i've been dealing with it for about 3 years

message 7: by I*rule*all (new)

I*rule*all  (iruleall) | 776 comments Depression, depression...

Can there be anything more painful?

I have a condition that has something to do with brainwaves and thinking and blah blah blah. The bottem line is, I'm always depressed. Slightly, but it's there.

When my dearest pet died, I went so far down into it that there was almost a point of no return. Since I found that spot, I've used it when I need to withdraw.

'S more of a sanctuary than a hell for me, but...

message 8: by Alicia (new)

Alicia Hadis (Ecoria) | 38 comments Depression... It feels like you're drowning or something is squashing you. I have to clench and relax my hands and legs again and again at night when I'm trying to sleep to make myself too tired to jump up of bed and go get a razor to start cutting.

message 9: by Nyghtmare (new)

Nyghtmare I hurt myself with my weapons I make. The pain feels good.

message 10: by Kimathy (new)

Kimathy I've never really been depressed, i had awful mood swings (mostly anger) when my grandparents died a month apart.

message 11: by I*rule*all (new)

I*rule*all  (iruleall) | 776 comments That sucks, Kim. I'm sorry.

message 12: by Kimathy (new)

Kimathy yah, i was so angry at god for it, but i calmed down after a while.

message 13: by I*rule*all (new)

I*rule*all  (iruleall) | 776 comments I've held that grudge for a long time. I envy you.

message 14: by Kimathy (new)

Kimathy yah, i just realized that when my grandpa died, he didn't have anymore pain from his cancer and my grandma had been so lonely without him, it was better for them.

message 15: by Keara (new)

Keara (kearachristine) My dachshund died from pneumonia the week of my baptism. And the night of my great-grandpa died.

message 16: by Kimathy (new)

Kimathy oh my gosh, that sucks.

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