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ஐღ♥Stine♥ღஐ (stine0489) There are not many but please follow the rules or you will be removed from the group.

1) If you curse please only put the first letter and Star (*) out the rest
Examples: H***, S***

2) Please keep it as pg 13 as possible. Your characters can pretty much do what you want but please do not go into details and skip over the sceenes that will be rated higher than pg 13.
Example comes from the Wizard RP:
message 511: by Roxannea, Roxy, or Roxii
John help her get him out of his shirt, and when it was off, quickly went back to kissing her
message 512: by Justine
It was after midnight before they finialy fell asleep.

3) DO NOT be mean or hurtful to others.

4) it is okay to 'spam' in an RP but after the person you are talking to gets it please delete it.
Spam is anything that you put in (()) on the RPs

5) Have fun.


1) when an rp gets 50 pages or more i will close it off to post and a week after i close it off i will open another place to rp so that more can join if they wish.

2)this month's challenge is up and i will be posting a new riddle every weekend.

3)as the number of members grow so will the number of mods i will appoint each month.

4) i will be making changes to the group.

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Tiffany  (tiffanyyy_wang) Interesting....

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Tiffany  (tiffanyyy_wang) YAYAYAYAY!!!!

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This is going to be fun

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Tiffany  (tiffanyyy_wang) It is, trust me.

ஐღ♥Stine♥ღஐ (stine0489) check the FYI i have added one.

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Yeah i saw it

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Tiffany  (tiffanyyy_wang) Coolio.

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Mitch house | 1 comments RE: The Last Whisper, Jonathan Mitchell

Mitch, I have begun reading your book... and I am absolutely enchanted. You write in such a personal, intimate, intelligent, sensiitive, and articulate way...full of extraordinary and picturesque imagery and deep, spiritual insights. I have many metaphysical leanings this way myself. I am fascinated by the story and can't wait to see how it evolves, and what mystery will be revealed. I am anxious to talk to you someday about how much of this is true and was actually in your background.. Your observations as a young boy, your feelings about your parents, the death of Shawn.... so many things are so deeply touching and interesting. I am very emotionally drawn into the story and look forward to reading it whenever I get the chance. I wish I have the luxury and time to just sit and read it cover to cover without stopping. I am so incredibly moved by it. I just had to tell you what an amazing, magical, breathtaking book you have written. It will make a fantastic movie someday! C

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Cayden (Cayden01) | 2 comments alright this sounds good.

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