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((lets rp))

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Derrick was walking around the school

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Darcy was at cheer practice

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Amy was walkin 2 her klass

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Derrick bumped into Amy"oh sorry"he said

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Oh it ok.Amy was pickin up her books

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Bailey saw Derrick and amy in the hallway talking she sighed because she kinda liked Derrick But sucked it up and just walked to class

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Derrick bent down and helped her pick up her books

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ooo srry i wasnt lokin were i was walkin

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"me either"said Derrick"well see you around"he said and handed her her books.Derrick saw Bailey"Hey Bailey"he called out to her

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Ok bye

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((can someone else make a boy charrie))

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((can someone else make a boy charrie))

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Bailey turned around and saw Derrick "hi..." she said a little suprised he was really talking to her

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"whats up"he asked he smiled at her

Amy finished cheer practice and headed into school with the other cheer leaders

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Amy went 2 klass

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((awwwww k byez))

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Bailey smiled "just heading to class. you?" she asked

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"heading to class"said Derrick

Darcy saw Bailey and her brother.Darcy rolled her eyes at Bailey and laughed at Derrick so did the rest of the cheer leaders

((she is kinda a brat and protective of her family))

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((ya maybe like Darcy should like ake fun of Bailey or something))

Bailey glanced over at all the snotty cheerleaders

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Darcy yelled across the hall"well at least your trying to get a boy to date"to Baily the cheer leaders laughed

Derrick rolled his eyes at them

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Bailey looked at the cheerleaders and then at Derrick. she turned back around and ran down the hall

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Derrick shook his head and went after her

Darcy started to laugh and so did the majority of the school

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Bailey ran into the girls bathroom crying a little.

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Derrick stopped at the girls bathroom

Darcy went to her class with the other cheer leaders

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Bailey skipped class and stayed in the bathroom the whole time. she went to her next class early and sat in the way back not wanting to talk to anyone.

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Derrick went into his class and saw Bailey he went over and sat down next to her"hey"he said

Darcy walked in with a few cheer leaders and they went into the back"Hey you Bailey get out of my seat"said Darcy

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"whatever" Bailey said and moved away from her to the other side of the classroom. she never fought witht he populars she just had always been the class dork.

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Darcy sat down in her seat.Derrick started to get up and Darcy pushed him back down"you sit here until i say so"said Darcy

Derrick rolled his eyes and got up any way but didn't sit next to Bailey

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Bailey looked at her desk with sad eyes. she hated school, no one liked her.

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Derrick felt like it was to hard to get Bailey and he didn't like her all that much just a little and he did start to like Amy a little too.He was so confused

Darcy laughed in the back of the room with the football players and cheer leaders

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Bailey didnt look at anyone or anywhere just kept her head down the whole class. once class was finally over she went to her locker hoping no one would make fun of her.

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A few people laughed at Bailey.

Derrick went to his locker then over to Amy"hey again"he said

Darcy walked through the halls

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Bailey was the new kid and so no one excepted her. she slammed her locker shut and went to her last class of the day.

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Derrick walked to class with Amy

Darcy went up to Bailey

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Bailey saw Darcy but just kept walking

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Darcy grabbed her arm and brought her back.Two football players went behind her and blocked her way"dont mess with my brother"said Darcy

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((g2g bbl))

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"i wasnt..." she said not looking at them

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((awww okay))

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Darcy rolled her eyes"in that i mean dont talk to him"said Darcy.Darcy pushed her to the ground and walked away

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Bailey fell to the ground and started to pick up her books.

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Darcy and her group walked away

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Bailey grabbed all her books and stood up

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Derrick saw Bailey he smiled at her but walked into class

Darcy went to her next class

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Bailey went into her last class and sat down at a random desk

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Derrick sat down next to Amy

Darcy walked in and sat down

((can u make a boy charrie for darcy and can he be like a football player))

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((I never really make guys, i feel weird playing guys. but i think ik someone who can rp a guy for u, but shes not on right now))

Bailey hid her face

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((oh ok))

Darcy smiled at some people and laughed a little

Derrick smiled at Amy

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