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((lets rp))

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Matthew started writing on the board, preparing for class.

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Bookworm Chris walked into the door and saw his teacher writing on the board "Hey teach" he called out

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Matthew turned around. "Hello, Chris" he said.

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Mary went to her klass

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Mandy walked into class early and sat down in a desk looking at the teacher adn then at Chris.

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Mary saw Mandy lokin at Chris do u lik him she asked

message 8: by Jenn (new)

Jenn Angie walked around looking for someone to talk to.

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Mandy looked over at Mary..."i dont know..." she said smiling and giggling

message 10: by Bookworm (new)

Bookworm "Hey Mandy" Chris said "Whats new?"

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((for some reason, i feel like somebody should crush on matt and they get caught making out))

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Many looked back over at chris "nothing really. you?" she asked

hes so cute she thought to herself

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Mary told Mandy 2 go talk wit him

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Bookworm ((AH that would be FUNNNN!!!))

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Jenn ((angie will if you want))

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message 18: by Bookworm (new)

Bookworm "being studying my butt of to pass my exam next week" Chris said

Wow she's gorgeous he thought to himself

message 19: by Jenn (new)

Jenn Angie found her class and walked in smiling at the teacher ((aka matt))

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Matthew soon started class. He started teaching about Chemistry, walking around the room to see how everybody was doing on the assignment.

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Mandy laughed lightly and then had to stop talking to Chris so she could start on her work in class.

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Mary was going 2 try 2 hook Mandy and chis up

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Jenn Angie smiled sweetly at Matt when he got to her.

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Mary passed a note 2 chirs sayin

What do u think of Mandy?

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Mandy was paying no attention to the note passing

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Matthew saw Angie smile and smiled back before walking back to the front of the classroom. He sat at his desk, waiting for everyone to finish and turn their work in.

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"Mandy"said mary

message 28: by Jenn (new)

Jenn Angie quickly finished her work and walked up to Matt's desk. "Hi..." she said softly as she handed him the paper.

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Mandy looked over at Mary

message 30: by [deleted user] (new)

Hey i no u lik Chirs im going 2 hook u guys up

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Bookworm Chris started taking notes and then he ripped a small piece of paper and wrote a note to Mandy it said: Would you like to grab some coffee with me sometime i need help with this Chemistry review and then he put it on her desk

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Mandy rolled her eyes and went bak to her work, she saw the piece of paper on her desk and read it. she looked over at Chris and smiled. sure she wrote down on another piece of paper and dropped it on his desk as she went to hand in her work

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Mandy want 2 come 2 my house later or r u doin somthin later

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Bookworm He looked at the note smiled at Mandy and kept writing his notes he knew he didn't need help it was just a way to get to talk to her some more

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Jenn ((fox? hello?))

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Matt looked up. "Oh, hello Angie. Thank you" he said, taking her paper.

message 37: by Jenn (new)

Jenn ((lol))

"Your welcome...." Angie siad, blushing slightly as she smiled. Wow...For a teacher, he really is hot...! she thought.

message 38: by Bookworm (new)

Bookworm ((I Need the person who's playing Mandy!!))

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Maddie looked at Mary. "umm i dont know..." she whispered

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Matthew started looking over her paper. He finished grading it and put it aside.

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wat u mean u dont no i see u and chris passin note u guy r goin out 2night arent u

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Jenn Angie smiled at him one more time as she walked back to her desk and sat down.

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Bookworm "Hey Mandy do you want to have the coffee now? Mary your more than welcome to join" Chris said

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"maybe..." she said smiling and sat back up in her desk

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Bookworm "Maybe? Come on" Chris said

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omg u guys r goin out

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Mandy laughed slightly "yeah sure sounds great Chris"

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((should we skip till after class?))

message 49: by Jenn (new)

Jenn ((sure))

message 50: by Bookworm (new)

Bookworm ((Yea that works))

"No were not Mary and great meet me at the coffee shop in 20 minutes?" Chris asked

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