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Who here has read the Hollow Fields series?

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K.J. Joyner Just wondering.

Sandy I've only read the first book so far, which I loved.

Magenta  Cooly I've read all three. I thought it was cool. Miss Weaver is DEFINITELY the best.

K.J. Joyner I was actually disappointed the series was over! It was like Harry Potter meets Girl Genius. Awesome sauce.

Magenta  Cooly Exactly! There were a lot of people on youtube who dis'd it because of it's ending. My little sister and me really enjoyed it.
I love how it was something my little sister could read; you can't BELIEVE how hard it is to find age appropriate manga for someone who's a fan.

K.J. Joyner I'm not surprised to hear how hard it is and sometimes thank my lucky stars I'm an aging old lady. ;-) I even recommended it to our Japanese exchange student: alas, it wasn't "japanese" enough for her to consider reading it, so she lost out big time.

I had asked the author why the ending, and she explained she was given a page limit. Well, argh!!!

Magenta  Cooly Ha ha! Well, I suppose the ending was well done, for the limitations she was given. Still, it would be nice to read a continuing saga for Hollow Fields.

K.J. Joyner OOh, and see an anime! =^-^=

Chisom O ive only read the first book its so creepy. my school doesnt hav the other 2. guess i hav to keep searching

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