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Anthony (goodreadscomyung_ant) | 881 comments Mod
Can someone write a summary every new page.Thank you.

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) ...alright.

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Stavros (Xx_Trezun) | 181 comments The murdered princess' sister, Cat, has been living in the forset ever since her sisters' death. Vaan, a wandering monk, is traveling towards the Moon kingdom out of curiosity. The prince Ankoku and his allies Dagara and Lena went out into the forest and as they were walking they met with Kaidan, an unfamiliar samurai. Kaidan and Ankoku began to fight as Cat and Vaan watched. The fight stopped when Kaidan revealed he had information on the death of the princess. At the same time Lena attacked Vaan not knowing why he was there...

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Lenna not Cat

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Anthony (goodreadscomyung_ant) | 881 comments Mod
Lenna and Vaan talked to each other on why Vaan was nere the moon kingdom.Vaan then said he wanted to spend the night to rest and pick up some supplys.Lenna then told Vaan no he is not welocme here.Lenna then excorted Vaan away from the kingdom.Lenna then returned to the group.As Dagara went to the entracne to have guard's guard the forest so no intruders enter the kingdom.When Dagar returned he began fight Qwin because her pet attack him.Dagara start to loss control of him self.dagara then start to chant So he would become more powerful.Ankoku got Qwin of of thare befor she got killed.Ankoku is now trying to wake up Qwin.

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And Qwins spirit is trapped in Dagara's bady, unable to escape until her releases her or she dies.

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♥Jenny♥ | 373 comments I missed like 200 and something posts! Is that all that happened?

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Stavros (Xx_Trezun) | 181 comments Dagara released Qwin's spirit and she was revived. Ayane appeard in the forest and Dagara went and spoke to her. Dagara asked Ayane to send word to the guards to watch the forest entrance to the Kingdom of the Moon. Ayane and Dagara headed to entrance and met with Vaan who had been attacked by an unknown samurai who headed into the kingdom. Ankoku left the kingdom with Shea, number Five of the Moon and headed to the main entrance where they met with Ayane who had fighting with Fire of the Four Samurai of the Sun Kingdom. Qwin and Dagara ran to the entrance and met with Water of the Four Samurai. Water trapped Ankoku and Ayane in a water prison and Qwin dispelled it. Kaidan appeared and started to attack Fire...

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♥Jenny♥ | 373 comments ok thanks. I'll try jumping in.

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (falls) Okay... Attempting to join this one... What would be a good way to do so?

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=== ugh tooooo much.....writing.....

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Anthony (goodreadscomyung_ant) | 881 comments Mod
Of Kaidan and fire continued to fight then Fire ended up disapearing.Watar and Wind showed back up.So Ankoku attacked Water.But then Ayane started to attack Ankoku becuase he hit Water.Ayane was starting to fall in love with Water.Ankoku then had Konton kill Ayane becuase she was a trader to the Moon Kingdom.Ankoku also had Dagara attack Qwin becuase she was standing next to Water and Ayane So Ankoku thinks she is also in on part of this.So After Konton killed Ayane he then took Qwin to a holding cell in the Kingdom.Kasumi is Ayane sister she then came to the front of the Moon Kingdom to see what was going on and were her sister was.Ankoku explained that her sister was a trader, but Kasumi just could bare the news.Ankoku left Kasumi sight becuase he didnt want to talk to her no more.So Konton"the one who killed Kasumi sister"started talking to her about her sisters death.Ankoku then ran into Vaan and they talked about the Four Samurai.As Vaan hurd then comeing.Ankoku then spoke to Dagara and told him get everyone ready as he took Vaan away from the Kingdom.And is now leading the "Four"to the middle of the Forest.

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Only two of the four followed Ankoku to the forest where Vaan was waiting. Wind engaged Ankoku in battle. Ankoku was having a tough time against Wind's seemingly indestructable wind barrier. Vaan and Earth fought like titans, destroying the landscape around them from shear power. Vaan was having little luck against Earth's diamond hard skin, until he figured out how to beat both Wind and Earth's techniques at the same time.

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Stavros (Xx_Trezun) | 181 comments Vaan and Ankoku continued to fight Earth and Wind as Fire and Water headed into the kingdom. Jon began playing with the unknown child Flin. Konton headed into town to check on Qwin. Fire and Water and so did Kasumi who fought alongside Konton. Konton dashed into the forest to find Ankoku and Water followed as kasumi fought Fire. Kaidan appeard. He and Konton dispersed Water and he fled. Wind nearly killed Ankoku but he would not go easily. In the end the samurai all left...

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Daisy aww Flin finally got mentioned in the summaries!Such a special moment *gets over it*

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sorry it took so long for my comp to get fixed

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hey guys i want to pick back up the rp

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