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Anthony (goodreadscomyung_ant) | 881 comments Mod
The kindoms of the Sun and the Moon have seen war for generations. Millions of lives lost fighting. It has calmed down in the last few decades, for the kingdoms have grown weary of fighting. The Emperors meet in secret to discuss a marriage of their children, in which they hope will bring peace to both their kingdoms. They agree and the date is set. Both kingdoms rejoice at the news. It has been five years since then and the time has come for the Sun kindoms princess and the Prince of the Moon marry. However just a few days before the wedding the Sun kindoms princess is murdered. Both kingdoms blame each other and with the Moon kingdoms prince is left broken hearted war once again breaks out...

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) Cat wandered the forest. when her sister was killed, she and Tuma had snuck out of the palace, unnoticed. she had not been found since by the palace folk, but she knew very few cared. she had survived in a forest far away, hunting and gathering in the traditional way of the forest people she now lived with.

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Vaan had been traveling for quite awhile now. He was in a forest. He came to a small clearing and decided it was a good spot to rest. He sat down and leaned against a tree on the edge of the clearing.

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) Cat heard a noise and sent Tuma to investigate. she had became queen of the forest village she lived in, and it was important to her the protection of her people. Tuma reported a man resting under a tree with a monkey. Cat raised her eyebrow and climbed up the tree the man sat under.

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"Hello." Vaan said without opening his eyes or raising his head.

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) Cat growled "hello. what are you doing here, may i ask?"

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Anthony (goodreadscomyung_ant) | 881 comments Mod
Ankoku was talking to Dagara"So lets get ready to go out" said Ankoku as he ran toward the exit.

Dagara followed behind him.

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"Resting. You?" Vaan said.

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) "things" Cat said vaguely. "y are you here?"

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"I'm resting." Vaan repeated.

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) Cat raised her eyebrow. "how very discriptive" she drawled. "i meant, y are u in the forest at all?"

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"Just passin through." Vaan said finaly opening his eyes and looking up.

message 13: by Rainheart (new)

Rainheart (rainstarnc) Cat was hidden from him in the trees, unseeable no matter how hard he looked. "how nice" Cat said.

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Stavros (Xx_Trezun) | 181 comments Kaidan passed Ankoku as he strolled along.

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"So what brings you here?" Vaan asked.

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) ((o shoot, hes against the moon kingdom? i mean Kiadan is?))

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Anthony (goodreadscomyung_ant) | 881 comments Mod
Ankoku saw Kaidan pass by him.Then he thought to him self wait the was a samurai.So he jumped threw the shadow and got in front of him."Arent you a little far from your castle"said Ankoku drawing his katana.

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Stavros (Xx_Trezun) | 181 comments Kaidan glanced at Ankoku, "I have no castle sir", he gazed at Ankoku's blade.

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) "things" Cat repeated.

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"What kind of things?" Vaan asked.

message 21: by Anthony (new)

Anthony (goodreadscomyung_ant) | 881 comments Mod
"Arent you from the sun kingdom"said Ankoku as he backed up a little bit.

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) ((brb))

message 23: by Rainheart (new)

Rainheart (rainstarnc) "my kinda things" Cat said vaguely. (still brb though))

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Stavros (Xx_Trezun) | 181 comments "No and my wherabouts are only my concern and my concern alone.", Kaidan said as he continued to walk by Ankoku.

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Vaan stood slowly, "Well I think I've rested long enough. So long, have fun with your things." he said as he turned and walked across the clearing.

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Anthony (goodreadscomyung_ant) | 881 comments Mod
"Well your not aloud to wonder threw my territory.So fight."said Ankoku as he threw a ninja star at Kaidan.

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Rainheart (rainstarnc) ((back but gtg))

Cat watched him go. she jumped from tree to tree with Tuma until she reached her village. she told the Scouts to be on extra lookout then went into her hut to sleep.

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Stavros (Xx_Trezun) | 181 comments Kaidan caught it between his fingers and thrust it toward the ground, "Have it your way fool", he drew Jikan and pointed it towards Ankoku.

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Vaan left the woods and stared across the Moon plains, "This is going to be a long walk." he said to Jon, who just poked his head out of Vaan's robes.

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Anthony (goodreadscomyung_ant) | 881 comments Mod
Ankoku jumped threw shadow threw shadow and slashed Kaidan.

message 31: by Stavros (new)

Stavros (Xx_Trezun) | 181 comments Kaidan deflected his attack with his blade and jumped back. he lunged at Ankoku slashing the air as he reached him and vanished in a space rip.

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Vaan took a break about halfway through the plains. he sat on top of a big boulder.

((stavi- "Myy fingerrsss"))

message 33: by Anthony (new)

Anthony (goodreadscomyung_ant) | 881 comments Mod
Ankoku vanished into the shadow.Then concentrated on Kaidan shadow.Then found his locaition and threw kunai and ninja stars threw the shadows.

message 34: by ♥Jenny♥ (last edited Aug 28, 2009 09:04PM) (new)

♥Jenny♥ | 373 comments Lenna just stood aside and watched the two fight, she looked over at Dagara and then over at the prince, sighing to herself.

message 35: by Stavros (new)

Stavros (Xx_Trezun) | 181 comments Kaidan slashed another rip which took in the kunai and stars re-opening behind Ankoku.

message 36: by Anthony (new)

Anthony (goodreadscomyung_ant) | 881 comments Mod
Ankoku then telported threw the shadows and begain falling from the sky.Throw Ninja star so fast at Kaidan.As he come down with his sword aiming at Kaidan.

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Stavros (Xx_Trezun) | 181 comments slinky- Fingerrsss?

message 38: by [deleted user] (new)

Vaan jumped off the rock and continued toward the Moon vilage.

message 39: by Stavros (new)

Stavros (Xx_Trezun) | 181 comments Kaidan leapt up at Ankoku slashing a rip jumping through it. it reopened next to Ankoku and he tackled him in the same process he opened another hole. they fell through onto the ground and he stood in stance and said, "No more tricks, let's fight like men."

message 40: by Anthony (new)

Anthony (goodreadscomyung_ant) | 881 comments Mod
Ankoku charged at Kaidan with his sword pionted toward Kaiden.

message 41: by Stavros (new)

Stavros (Xx_Trezun) | 181 comments He parried his attack and slashed horizontally at Ankoku's stomach.

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Anthony (goodreadscomyung_ant) | 881 comments Mod
Ankoku telported threw a shadow to avoid the slash.He then apeared next to Kaidan and slashed his arm as blood spread on his blade.

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Stavros (Xx_Trezun) | 181 comments Kaidan slashed at his shoulder causing a rip and his blade went through openin behing Ankoku, he stabbed his shoulder drawing blood then Kaidan pulled back and lunged at Ankoku.

message 44: by Anthony (new)

Anthony (goodreadscomyung_ant) | 881 comments Mod
Ankoku then turn turned towards Kaidan and started throwing ninja stars and kunai at Kaidan.As he teleport back n forth going towards Kaidan.Then he stabs Kaidan arm distracting him from the ninja star and kunai.

message 45: by Stavros (new)

Stavros (Xx_Trezun) | 181 comments Kaidan slahed at the projectiles knocking them away as he locked swords with Ankoku and said, "This is getting nowhere, we are at an even pace...i say we call it a day don't you?"

message 46: by Anthony (new)

Anthony (goodreadscomyung_ant) | 881 comments Mod
"Why sould i listen to you."said Ankoku.

message 47: by Stavros (new)

Stavros (Xx_Trezun) | 181 comments "Your fight is not with me, it is with the Sun kingdom. I have no quarrel with you, why waste your energy? Your not going to find your fiancee's killer while fighting a wanderer now are you?", Kaidan replied sheathing his sword.

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♥Jenny♥ | 373 comments Lenna sighed, and she thought she was stubborn.

message 49: by Anthony (new)

Anthony (goodreadscomyung_ant) | 881 comments Mod
"How do you know about my fiance"said Ankoku

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Vaan finally reached the Moon kindom. He entered it to see two men fighting. He walked closer to watch. He was curious about the ninjas of the Moon.

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