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Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) My poems:
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Shakhi (duude) | 75 comments

:D Spread the message!
Everyone should get involved :P

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Maegan (therandomone) | 151 comments perty

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:D that's sweet :D

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•:*:•sтερн•:*:• wrote: "My poems:
Please read and review."

it wouldn't let me open it :(

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Kimathy Shakhi wrote: "

:D Spread the message!
Everyone should get involved :P"

people did that at my school and stuck up post-its everywhere..then someone went to far and wrote in sharpie on metal...they couldn't get it off so we weren't allowed to do it anymore... :(

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ABCDE (BriarlightABCDE) Whoa you invited me to this group! JUST SO you know I AM emo!

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Ahlaam First of all, i want to thank you for posting this topic. Here's the thing i'm mystified about, you say that God wants us to enjoy life but the freedom (if you can call it that) God has given us seem very restrictive that it makes it hard to enjoy life.

My parents are Muslims; i don't think i can call myself a Muslim untill i have deeply committed myself to it's rules, i lean heavily on agnosticism and i want to make a decision whether to commit myself to a religion or become an atheist because i don't think agnosticism is supposed to be permanent view (no offence to agonistic,this is just my opinion).
The thing is the God in Islam, Christianity and Judaism (these are the religions i know most about and who believe there is only one God(if there is a God then i believe there is only one)) makes it hard to enjoy life. God seems to be unforgiving and seems to ask a lot from hard. If i'm going to choose a religion then i want to really commit myself to it rather than choosing the rules i like and disregarding the others.

Howver, the God in these religions seem to contradict Himself. In the Bible there is this quote "Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself" and it probably says so in the Qur'aan (read it but it's in another language so i never understood it)and maybe in the Torah also, it might not be in these exact words but it'll lead to the same meaning. So, what i don't get is why the same God's teaching contradicts itself by saying "If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltness is upon them". We should love (or atleast respect) everyone as much we would love ourselves but hey it's alright to kill of homosexuals. What? Are they not people, don't they feel what we feel, don't they see what we see?

It's hard to have faith in a God who picks and chooses the people he likes and a God whom suggests that we should kill some people of. Perhap's i shouldn't talk about something i have only the basic ideas about BUT i'm really finding it hard to have in God.

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Maggie (maggie-swift) Good point. I know that back then, it was seen as unspeakable and often punished severely. If, say, God had said "Hey, whatever you thought about homosexuals, it's not wrong and don't believe whatever your elders told you," then they'd likely not follow Him. He's saying that you should have love for every soul out there, no matter what crime they commit(not saying it's a crime). "Love thy enemies," He said, even though they are/were punished. I really like your take on this, though- never thought of it like that! :D

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Ahlaam Fadhilah wrote: "hey hey

is this religious??"

no this topic is not's just if you have deep thoughts about anything (e.g. if you want to discuss the life of a fish) and you want to let it out.

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Maggie (maggie-swift) It means happiness is fleeting. Enjoy it while you can!

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Mandie | 71 comments Fadhilah wrote: "oh okay then

I have deep thoughts about myself.

you know...if today I'm happy, everything's like perfect, it means tomorrow I'll have to pay for it. Tomorrow I'll have to get through a to..."

I feel like that too. That every time something good happens or I am happy overall (not all the time, just mostly)it will only last a few weeks at the most and then everything becomes terrible. It is never balanced.

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Namida... | 3 comments Ahlaam wrote: "First of all, i want to thank you for posting this topic. Here's the thing i'm mystified about, you say that God wants us to enjoy life but the freedom (if you can call it that) God has given us se..."

which country are you from? cuz if you don't understand the Qur'an then you are not an arab, not all the translated versions of the Qur'an are always accurate also, i give you that. i'm not trying to force my belief upon you but i wanted to comment on what you said.

first of all the idea of 'freedom' that people call for nowadays is entirely mismatched, if you think freedom is to have sex whenever and with whoever you want to, or to wear whatever exposing clothes (for girls) then that's the modernised idea of 'freedom', i believe freedom is self fulfillment, self and group satisfaction, self and group peace. and that's exactly what religion teaches. Also religion encourages living life, living life in doing what's right for you and for the community, not as monotonous obligations but as actually loving life, appreciating beauty, optimisim, harmony. Prophet Muhammad -Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him- said "God is Beautiful and HE loves Beauty"

the next thing i want to comment on is, in your exact words, 'God seems to be unforgiving and seems to ask a lot from hard' which is also totally the opposite, God is the "The Most Compassionate, The Most Merciful" which are the first two names in "The Beautiful Names of ALLAH" or "Asma' ALLAH Alhosna" as stated in the Qur'an {Allah! there is no god but HE! To HIM belong the Most Beautiful Names} (Qur'an 20:8) in each step i feel it, in each day i know it more and more that everything we have, everything we experience is further proof of God's unshaken mercy, and consider all the sins that are happening as we speak, all of them, God has given us a ticket to escape what we did. for all sins no matter how terrible, how gruesome, there is an atonement that you can fulfill and be granted forgiveness if you want it. even killing another person which is the most atrocious thing a human being can do to another, even taking a soul that was not yours to take, if having killed unintentionally, there is an atonement, and there is seeking forgiveness and there is receiving forgiveness in turn, for God does not refuse a person who sought forgiveness and meant it. and actually the obligations that God asks us to do are never as hard as trying to live life without them, and they're not as many as you think, the basics are nonnegotiable and sensible; everything that God asks from us is entirely sensible, no one can deny it, simply because our minds were made to accept it, they harmonise with the nature of our souls which we do not and will not fully understand, only God knows about the mysteries of the soul.

the last issue you talked about was of the homosexuals. first of all, Having the idea in you that God is capable of hating a creature that HE created, even doubting for a fleet second that this may be real, is what drives you to understand such verses in such a way and let me tell you that the Qur'an has no such verse about killing homosexuals, however there is a verse in the Qur'an that talks about premarital sex (for men and women) and the punishment is severe but it only appears so for those who don't really understand it; it's a punishment sever in life, yes, and the thing about most of the people is the inability to see beyond life, to understand that it is just a transitional stage, to understand that whatever suffering that is done in life is a form of a blessing for you can be sure that the real reward is after the Day of Resurrection, a billion times more satisfying than earth, and as for the subject of premarital sex, the punishment is only so their sins on the Day of Resurrection are regarded with mercy again. there's also more than one thing to be said about this, the punishment has conditions, one of them is obviously that the two people are absolutely sure they had not done no sin, and if you think like them then that's a totally different issue.

{O people, We created you equal from the union of a pair, male and female, and We made you races and tribes to get to be acquainted with each other (and cooperate with each other). The most honorable of you with Allâh are the most pious. Allâh is All-Knowing and All-Cognizant} (Qur'an 49:15)
God has made us different so that we can get to know each other, accept each other, live with each other, it's one of the biggest challenges in life.
i'm sorry i took so long, and to sum it up, religion is a very personal thing, we can't freely just talk about it, or debate over it. i only wanted to point out a few things, but all i say is not specific really, because religion is between the individual and his Creator. i exclude myself out of your decision i only hope that God guides you to make the right one. ^^

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Zarah | 6 comments Ahlaam wrote: "First of all, i want to thank you for posting this topic. Here's the thing i'm mystified about, you say that God wants us to enjoy life but the freedom (if you can call it that) God has given us se..."

hey, i know that everyones religion is between God and them, so i'm not going to debate, or tell you you're wrong, if it's Okay i'm going to put out what i think on the subject.

First of all i'm a Chirstian by my own chose, and I think that God loves you for who you are!! and that only thing God wants from you is YOU. God

i like to think that God is like the all loving Father, i know not all of us have a good father so think of him as the BEST Father. i don't mean the father theat spoils you rotten, i mean the Father that wants the best for you, and will lay down rules to protect you and others. He's the Father that never forgets you, that's always there, that will walk by you your whole life, he's always there, so when you fall he will catch you. else to say..... he loves you, and witch kid doesn't think they're Father ask to much of them; but THE Father doesn't ask anything of us that we can't not handle.

and as for "love your neighbor" i think he means the brotherly/sisterly love.

any how that's just my thoughts.

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