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Remembrance of the Daleks, that is...

Perhaps someone more boned up on Dalek lore/continuity could illuminate things for me here. In the story, the Doctor basically destroys Skaro. Blows the planet to kingdom come. I never even stopped to think about this before now, but were the Thals still on the planet at that point? Did the Doctor wipe out TWO alien races (one of them a pseudo-ally of his)?

I remember the Thals traveling in space by the time of Planet of the Daleks, but I can't remember what happens after that. Did they leave Skaro entirely? Has any of the spin-off media addressed this yet?

And I wasn't even thinking about Doctor Who at all when this silly idea popped in my head. I was mundanely doing dishes, which probably shows what a geek I am if I would allow such a thought in my head at that point in time. Ah well.

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Michael | 5 comments Skaro's history is pretty tangled isn't it. It's not explained in the tv series but my guess is there were no Thals living on Skaro during the Dalek civil war. As for spin-offs, the EDA War of the Daleks suggested that the planet destroyed in Remembrance was actually another planet that the Daleks had substituted for the real Skaro. Something like that anyway. It's ten years since I read it. Pure guff as was most of the novel. I don't think the Doctor could have made such a mistake after setting things up so meticulously - he was well ahead of the game in Remembrance and I'll use the same reasoning to explain why I think Skaro was Thal-less by then. The Doctor couldn't have planned a murder of innocent Thals in his Hand of Omega strategy.

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