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good but sad at the ending

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Gracie this book was awesome until the end. It was funny and enjoyable. adventurous and exciting.then the last couple of chapters just destroyed it. A 3 star book.

Joanne Hi Gracie, I read this book when I was only eight (60 years ago) I still have the book, but I never wanted to read it again because I cried so much at the end.

Gracie agreed, this book was great until the ending.

Christian Blackshear I gave it five stars just for the fact that it did not end with a happy ending.

Amber Yeah the ending was messed up. It reminded me of the princess bride ending ( the book ending , not the movie ending).

Michael. Michael. Oh man, the ending was powerful! It's sad, for sure, but this is one of the few books that has nearly brought me to tears and really made me contemplate the value of relationships and life.

I would love to see a movie interpretation of Robin Hood that was based on his free-spirited character, love of his friends, and attempting to find his own way in the world, as opposed to being a thief, or hack-n-slash action hero.

Mariam I read it when I was very little and it was the first book I've read that didn't have happy ending. I remember being shocked. Everything was going so well and suddenly BAM! All terrifying things in last pages. That was a new experience. Maybe I thought everything ended with happily ever after because of all the crappy movies.

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Listra Oh yes, who doesn't cry at the end of it? Robin has become our dear archer, right? Pity not much is said about Marian. :p

Michal An appropriate ending--Pyle wasn't spinning tales out of whole cloth, he was adapting existing ballads and legends (absolutely masterfully, I might add). The story had to end this way, because that's how the legend went, plain and simple.

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