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message 1: by SnipesCC (new)

SnipesCC | 1 comments So I just finished Last Sacrifice. While I've enjoyed the series, I was hoping it would discuss some of the truly messed up parts of their society. Especially how the Dhampires are essentially a servant race to the Maroi, but they are treated as disposable, despite being the only reason the Maroi can live outside wards. There was also a lot of slut shaming, with the Dhampire women who are the mothers of almost all the guardians being looked down on. Perhaps if the Moroi wanted more guardians, they should have made it more socially acceptable for Dhampire women to have kids, rather than calling them blood whores.

I haven't read Bloodlines yet (it's next on my list) but I hope Lissa will make some changes about how Dhampire women are treated.

message 2: by Amy (new)

Amy | 3 comments I just finished reading bloodlines this Sunday and you will love it!

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