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Jason death and break up with Piper
deleted member Apr 23, 2019 04:04PM
will Jason bounce back or is he just dead? and why did Piper break up with him what the deeper reason

I think he's just dead which really sucks because I really like Jason and I definitely think his death was unnecessary. I think Rick was trying to prove something as a result of all the backlash from BoO. A lot of people complained about how much a character death was hyped and then we got a cheap "he died and came back so it still counts." So yeah, I think this one is permanent even though I really really don't agree with it as a writing choice.

I also don't get the break up. They had really good chemistry and the idea of them making things work despite the weird situation of how they met. I think it has to do with Rick knowing he was going to kill off Jason and not wanting to deal with the complexity of writing the death of someone actively in a relationship.

That's just my thoughts. Let me know what you think.

deleted user I agree because Jason and Piper where really close then all at once the break up which is really annoying and plus then he died I cried so much and I ...more
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