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Claudia Some I get (like the baseball in book 2, or the piece of wood in book 5), but the others... I think I see a landscape in Book 4 which might be a nod to the hiking site but I'm not 100% positive and then I'm stumped for book 1 and 3.
Does anyone know about what they might represent?

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annob Hi Claudia!

You're not the only one who wondered what the picture on Book One is suppose to be. I had to ask the author to find out for sure. :)

I'm going to place the answer under a spoiler tag, just so those who want to guess can continue to do so. The image is (view spoiler). I think it's a nod to The Suit chapter, but I'm guessing about that last bit.

Do you see it now?

Claudia ANNOB! You're a life saver! Ok, a little too much drama there but I've been thinking about it non stop and I didn't want to bother Chris with that especially since I know I'm going to be wondering about the other covers too. xDDD

And maybe having the discussion rolling might bring more readers to Chris's yard. :D

annob Awww, since Chris painted the image I bet he would be happy to answer questions about it.

My initial guess about the cover of Book One was bed covers. I was clearly way wrong. :) Should I reveal what the image of Book Three is here, or should we jump to a thread connected to that book?

Claudia Oh, yes! It would be better if we could have a thread in each book. Thanks!

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Gabi Hi Claudia!

I think book 5 supposed to be (view spoiler)

Claudia So overall, I just got #2 for real. xDDD

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Gabi Well... Yeah. 😂
At the very first glance that one looks like a treasure map. Or one of Chris' many boardgames. (view spoiler)😂😂😂

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