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Stephanie (That's What She Read) (thatswhatshereadvlog) | 59 comments Mod
What temperature rating would you give the book? Did you enjoy how characters grew or devolved in the story? Would this story make a good movie? Did you enjoy it overall?

Selena Winters Definitely a room temperature book for the time being, and the character Bobby is slowly becoming better as the book goes on (although Brad is another story). It could make a good moody piece, an indie movie preferably.

Sandy Lewis | 9 comments This is definitely a room temperature book for me. If not for the House itself there would be no story. Character development is definitely lacking and they’re all one dimensional. It’s a two star read for me. If it were to be made into a movie it’d be a straight to DVD release

message 4: by The (new) - rated it 4 stars

The Reading Murder (bakerstshelves) | 14 comments As someone who loves Cherie Priest’s work, this isn’t her at her best. This was a second read for me and in hindsight, it’s definitely room temp. For fridge and freezer worthy books from her, go with her Maplecroft books.

Laura (thelaurbrary) | 8 comments Temperature rating: one of Devin’s weird ones where it’s mostly room temperature but at certain times someone left the fridge or the freezer open. More of it was unsettling than terrifying.

I have different feelings about each main character, so I guess I’ll do a quick rundown of each one.

- Dahlia: Really liked her. I’m not sure if she really grew as a person, because she already seemed like someone who had a lot of life experience. She definitely had her flaws, but I think she was aware of them. I think the biggest change was her realizing that her thinking about Andy so much meant she still loved him, not hated him. I think that’s very realistic when a break up happens and you’ve had some time to think on it.

- Brad: Liked him at the beginning, but wow, did he devolve instead of the other way. But I also sometimes like that, because in reality a lot of people would act the same. Not all of us can get up the courage to fight our (possibly for real) demons, and sometimes that’s okay because that crap was scary.

- Gabe: He was just a good kid. I don’t think he evolved much and I don’t think he needed to. I was afraid he was going to die even before his accident. Glad that didn’t happen.

- Bobby: I think he evolved?? But also not sure due to him still drinking on the job at the end of the book when they’re back home. I at least think he and Dahlia finally found some mutual respect for each other and I think he might be a better dad to Gabe after everything.

Yes, this would be such a cool movie! Mostly because I have a love for old Victorian houses and ghost stories and I don’t think it would be hard to adapt.

Overall, I did enjoy it. Sadly, I think this last section was my least favorite because the scary things stopped hiding in the shadows. Things being creepy and just peeking out from behind a beam or whispering in your ear are way scarier than almost turning into flesh and blood and telling you their story. Just my opinion though! Still liked it and the end was freaky. Don’t think I’m interested in any of Priest’s series she has out, but I am excited about her book, The Toll, that’s coming out in July!

Patrick (patrickreads27) | 11 comments I give this a room temperature rating, nothing really scared me but I did enjoy the suspense of it all. I liked the story, writing was good and a lot of the characters grew on me. I can totally see this as a mini series done by Mike Flanagan the same guy who directed The Haunting of Hill House and Gerald’s Game.

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