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Stephanie (That's What She Read) (thatswhatshereadvlog) | 59 comments Mod
How would you describe the tone of the story? Do you enjoy the characters? Usually in haunted house stories the house is itself a character in the story, is that the case with this book?

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R.E. Feiner (book_void) | 2 comments The tone was very apprehensive. There's lots of walking on egg shells, an inability to keep people in check, and a questionable financial situation. The characters are played off as trying their best. They are underdogs to the oppressive economy, addictions, toxic family/friends, unfair laws, and now, an angry house/ghosts.

Personal notes: I'm listening to the audiobook and Chuck saying "mmmmm chesnut" is something I never want whispered in my ear again. It's so cringeworthy. It reminds me of a Dragon Ball Z spoof where this dude keeps touching his desk and saying "maaaahogany".

Chuck also has a mug that says I love my mastiff. I wish the dog had a cameo.

I love that this book is set in Chattanooga, Tennessee like the movie Gummo but ya know, "no meth heads".

That poem is adorable. "The rats will give you gifts and the bugs will give you kisses. The bats will stand guard as you sleep and the owls will keep watch from the tree." Reminds me of the one about worms in the Troop by Nick Cutter. Then there's the pun about electricity and the weird response to whether or not dahlia brought high heels. This book is so awkward.

Lastly, haunted house pro tip. Dont talk to houses. They're bad conversationalists.

Sorry for such a lengthy response. This book amuses me. I've never read a haunted house novel. Only short stories and skimming.

Hollie Donne (holliedonne) | 4 comments So far I’m really enjoying this book. I love the spooky atmosphere and it helps that I’ve been to the Chattanooga area a few time. A bit like southern gothic fiction which is a favorite of mine.

Selena Winters Pretty good so far. I'm not the biggest gothic fan but I'm regardless enjoying this. I don't want any of the characters to die, so that's a bonus!

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Josée Leon (join_bookland) There's a foreboding tone early on when the current owner of the estate makes negative comments about the place and seems anxious to get rid of it.
The house - (and its spirits) is definitely a character. It doesn't seem exactly malevolent at this point but it's certainly making itself known.
I don't mind the characters - they all seem like a good bunch except for Bobby. He's not very likeable.
This is my first Cherie Priest novel. It's ok so far, let's see where it goes!

Sandy Lewis | 9 comments The private cemetery is very spooky PLUS the fact the house “speaks” to the main character already sets the reader up for a sense of impending doom. You know some bad juju permeates the place

Patrick (patrickreads27) | 11 comments To me the tone a little eerie since I still don't know what's coming. I'm finding the characters likeable especially Dahlia. I do say the house is a character in the story since it talking to the main character like in the shower scene.

Laura (thelaurbrary) | 8 comments I knew that if this book matched the plot summary I was really going to enjoy it, but it has surprised me with how much I do. I usually am not a fan of longer chapters and when not much happens in the first 100 pages, but I’m loving it here, especially because it has such a gothic feel.

The tone is almost cautious and definitely untrustworthy. These characters are so real and likable (besides Bobby) that you want to trust their feelings, but knowing the type of book this is, you know that you can’t because they know as little as you do.

In some haunted house stories I feel the house is a malevolent character, but in others I think the house is just a pawn in something else’s game. I kind of feel that way with this book. I don’t think that initially the house was evil, but that something happened there and the house was caught up in that. I feel it’s not trying to trap them, but trying to warn them and get them to leave. I could be completely wrong, but we’ll see where it goes from here! I’m very excited to continue because I’m loving this.

Rebecca (bookgremlin) | 3 comments I think the book has been quite intriguing so far. It's mostly just been setting the scene for whats to come.
The tone feels a little ominous as though something isn't quite right, but it could just be the nerves of the crew.
I think this is the second haunted house book I've ever read so I'm not extremely familiar with haunted house books but I'm definitely enjoying this one so far.

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