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message 1: by Vintage (new)

Vintage (vintagesedona) | 276 comments Looking for HP or other books with the trope where the heroine unknowingly ends up in a MOC. She thinks it's love, but the H has ulterior motives. I'm not looking for the revenge angle as much as the whole duped clueless duckling.

Books like The Sicilian's Marriage Arrangement.

Thanks, Kelly

message 2: by reeder (reviews) (last edited Apr 21, 2019 11:14PM) (new)

reeder (reviews) | 69 comments HP/category:
Lucy Monroe does it again in The Sheikh's Bartered Bride
Maya Banks, Tempted ... by Her Innocent Kiss
Miranda Lee, The Billionaire's Bride of Innocence

Caroline Linden, An Earl Like You
Amanda Quick, Scandal
Suzanne Robinson, Lady Gallant (brutal)

Strictly speaking, I don't think any of these heroines think the hero loves them when they marry; they're just unaware of his ulterior motives.

Jayne Ann Krentz skirts close to this trope in Test Of Time and The Wedding Night

message 3: by StMargarets (new)

StMargarets | 95 comments Bound by the Billionaire's Vowsby Clare Connelly

Wife for a Day by Kate Walker (a one star read for me)

Savage Destiny by Amanda Browning *the* married for hidden reasons story

Guilty Passion by Jacqueline Baird

The Marriage Bargain by Victoria Pade

Saved from Sin by Lindsay Armstrong

The Winter Heart by Lilian Cheatham

Taken For Revenge, Bedded For Pleasure by India Grey

Practice to Deceive by Sally Wentworth (not for the faint-hearted)

Hard to Get by Carole Mortimer (Heroine does the chasing)

The Demetrious Line by Margaret Pargeter

message 4: by Vintage (new)

Vintage (vintagesedona) | 276 comments Thanks to you both! I'm in the mood to read about another duped ninny.

message 5: by StMargarets (new)

StMargarets | 95 comments A Man of Means by Kay Thorpe. Heroine is "in love." Hero is being blackmailed.

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