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Krista (Miura Haruma-san, I will always miss you) | 7 comments Hi there. I'm looking to find a partner who would like to swap chapter by chapter. I'm willing to read most genres (not really into erotica though). Mine is complete at around 120k quite long. If anyone is up for it!!!

Here is my blurb type thing:

Chen Mu has nothing but his name.

Imprisoned in a secluded mountain cave for two of his sixteen years, he has only vague memories of a grisly past. And a headache. Suddenly finding himself an involuntary member of the Spirit Sect, a group of elite and bloodthirsty demon-slayers, he’s certain of just one thing: he does not belong.

His strikingly red (and apparently cursed) hands and the metal mask the sect forbids him to remove make him both outcast and target.

Labeled a harbinger of death and framed for the murder of his sect brother, Chen Mu’s only hope to change his Fate and prove he’s not a killer is to find a bone of a century-extinct demon. With it, he can wish for anything. And hopefully not be executed.

The only trifle? His devoted band of admirers: the aforementioned bloodthirsty sect members, a clan of half-demon beasts set on dismembering him (for sins of his past life, of course), and a disenchanted fox spirit who either wants to kiss or kill him--possibly both at the same time.

He can only hope karma forgot to write down his name.

And even that might not belong to him.

message 2: by Josh (new)

Josh Torres | 21 comments Hello, I'm interested. Mine is also a YA fantasy. 80k-ish words. Currently working on a rewrite.

Seventeen-year-old Amelia is hoping to escape the monotonous life her parents have planned for her and embarks on a journey across the world. She’s always yearned for adventure but finds more than she bargained for when she meets a woman named Casey upon arriving at her first destination.
Casey, twenty-six, has been on the run from the head of a terrorist organization who's seeking her because of her magical ability to restore any item.

Not knowing her fate is intertwined with three others, Amelia unwittingly gets involved in a terrorist plot to control ancient generators that bring stability to the world’s energy, a phenomenon which gives the world’s inhabitants unique abilities. Should she decide to standby and do nothing, war will be brought to a world that knows little of it.

Let me know if you are interested.

message 3: by PaulBentham (new)

PaulBentham | 25 comments hi there liked the blurb of your story mine is slightly shorter 12k.It's a sci-fi piece involving a maverick alien bounty hunter.

Xiaon g12[mk]travels to the uncharted planet Ramduan to find agent 56 who's missing In action.G12 finds himself teamed up with a by the book cop,and involved in a terroist plot held together by a mysterious tryant brink on the planet's destruction.
Let me know what you think cheers

Krista (Miura Haruma-san, I will always miss you) | 7 comments Sara wrote: "Hi I am interested too. I have a YA fantasy novel 110K but it will take a while to describe it. Let me know I you are interested."

Hi Sara, I am interested. It would be good to swap with a novel of similar length to mine so that way it's more fair (since mine is so long!).

Krista (Miura Haruma-san, I will always miss you) | 7 comments Sara wrote: "That's good"

So...are you going to tell me? lol

T.Hollingsworth | 5 comments Hi Krista,

I'd be interested in swapping with you, as I've got quite a long one as well, (145K). It's a completed NA Comedy/Fantasy, and your tone sounds quite similar to mine. THE HALF-BLOOD HORTICULTURALIST is part satire of fantasy tropes, part treasure-hunting adventure, with romance and a meta narrator. Let me know what you think.


message 7: by Ariel (new)

Ariel (aaavlogbooker) | 4 comments Hi I would also love to swap! Message me if you are still interested.

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