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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Young orphan boy that looks odd and is waiting to be old enough for his status screen to unlock

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Magnús Ásgeirsson | 3 comments So I read or listened to this book some time ago and I can't remember when or what it was called but it was a litrpg ish book with status screens. So the plot as far as I can remember was something like the main character being 15 ish, orphaned and living on the street of a town. He was waiting to be old enough to be able to use a statue of a goddess? to reveal his "status" which was something like a stat screen from rpg's. Then when he gets it he gathers all of his saved up money and goes to a tailor shop or something and the old lady that sort of looks too old and withered gives him something like gloves? that are some sort of cursed? artifact with a dragon motife? or something like that. He also may have had red eyes and odd hair but not sure on that.

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Magnús Ásgeirsson | 3 comments I just remembered some more. When he unlocks the status he gets like a mark on his right or left hand and that is why he goes to the tailor in town to get like a dueling glove I think they were called to cover it. Because if your opponent knows what mark you have they know what powers you have or something like that. Then he travels to go to some academy in another area.

edit I think the glove drinks blood maybe?

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Magnús Ásgeirsson | 3 comments I ran into it on my own weee https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/3...

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