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Infinitekitties | 2 comments so I am not 100% that this is the story's title but I think it is called "the Older brother" or something along those lines,

it's about this teenage girl, who becomes acquainted with the annoying new boy's older brother after her friend left with the new boy and the new boys brother whose name is Lincoln comes to pick him up but he's gone, the main girl (forgot her name) decides to try and walk home but is harassed just as she begins walking and the brother saves her and then she asks him for a ride, in which he gives her but ends up in them being tailed by someone unknown to the girl and then at some point she is shooting at people and shoots someone's penis off and is then later knocked out by Lincoln who needed to complete an errand without her knowing. after that night they continue to bump into each other and eventually become sort of friends with a slight attraction towards each other. they hook up after a party when both of their love interests reject them and I'm not too sure what happened after that. I remember her referring to Lincoln in the first few chapters as 'Kid'. if anyone knows the author name or the actual title id very much appreciate it. I just don't know where the story went, it was in my library and now it's not an I cannot remember if I deleted it to then redownload it and just forgot or if it was deleted. thank you

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Sammi-Jo Grayson | 3 comments Sorry I don’t know that book but I too am looking for one!

Hi I’m wondering if anyone knows what this wattpad book is called.
A young girl competitive horse rider along with her twin brother, are out from a concert (I think) and they get in a car accident on the way home she loses her brother and something happens to her legs, after a while she goes back to school and she meets a boy.
I know during the end of the book it is figured out that her brother had end up getting a girl pregnant.

If anyone knows would be really helpful


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Farah (user12345) | 5 comments can someone help find this story please its a bout a nerd that tutors the badboy in his secret place more as gang meet up place, he falls in love with her then his ex kidnp her and try to kill her

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