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The Hammer of Thor (Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, #2)
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Magnus Chase and the gods of asgard the hammer ofthor

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Nicholas | 6 comments Nicholas D.

Magnus chase and the gods of Asgard
Book review

This book from Rick Riordan takes place in Norse mythology instead of Greek mythology. magnus chase the main character of the story, teams up with his pals Sam and his trusty talking sword jack with mythical powers. They team up because they must save Loki’s daughter Samirah al Abbas (a Valkyrie) from getting married to a giant in only five days. The reason they must save her from getting married is because if she does then that will start Ragnarök which basically ends the world. But to stop this marriage they must go through a perilous journey by losing friends and family and to hope they don’t run out of time to save their friend and to save the world.
I think this book is really good from rick Riordan maybe even the best in his book series, because I love the comedic vibe to it. The way that the characters talk to each other in this book is awesome and it really makes you connect with the characters. And I love the way Rick R. uses a modern way of explaining things to you because he will compare a battle to Star Wars or some other movies or trends. Other than that, I think whoever is reading this really go check that book out and read it because it is so good.

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Helene Synnott | 10 comments I absolutely loved this book. I read it a while go and I remember never want to put it down. I loved the book so much, think I finished the whole book in 6 hours if I recall correctly. I loved the way you described the plot as it depicts exactly whats going to happen. I agree with you that Riordan's way of writing is so gripping and funny that you can't help but feel a personal connection with the characters and the story line. Since it has been a long time since I've visited the land of mythology, I think I'm going to pick up some of the books later in that series. Thank you for reminding me of what a great series this is!

Notsogoodreads(Austin.H) | 8 comments Hi Helene I'm a little bit of a mythology nerd and this book as well as another Greek basted mythology book have been on my raider as of late. the fact you enjoin it so much has made me want to read it even more. I have yet to read any comedic/silly books so this sound like jest what I'm looking for as a next read.

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Nicholas | 6 comments Hi Helene, you are welcome ill have to read some of the other books by R.R because this is the only book I've read from him and it was really good.

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