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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Urban Fiction about Three girlfriends who go on vacation to Miami. [s]

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Cookie (cookiegeee) | 4 comments I read this book around 2009/2010. It is told from different perspectives of three girlfriends, I believe from Philadelphia, who go on vacation to Miami. One ends up staying in Miami after meeting and falling in love with a football player who’s on drugs. She helps him get clean eventually.

Another friend is married to a misogynist. Every chance he gets, he reminds her why single women are bitter and lonely and how she’s lucky to have him. His mother dies in the book; mother spoiled him like baby and his wife hated how she was always in their marital affairs. At the funeral she meets her mother in law’s sisters and they talk about how controlling she was and such. Later she ends up filing for divorce and starts dating. The husband gets so upset about this that he takes the wife, her date and their son hostage and I think even shot the baby in the leg by accident, while trying to shoot her date.

I can’t remember much about the third friend, but I think she has a son who’s barber ends up liking her.

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Ayshe | 4121 comments What's Real maybe?

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Cookie (cookiegeee) | 4 comments Ayshe wrote: "What's Real maybe?"

Yes!!! That’s the name of the book. Thank you so much!!!

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