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Miscellaneous > I was wondering if anyone knows if this group has an age limit. I'm 12 (almost 13), but I'm interested in becoming a feminist. Also if anyone has any things I should know and more about feminism, please let me know.

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message 1: by Vivien (new)

Vivien Let me know what I should know!

message 2: by Rachael (new)

Rachael Hanakowski (rachaelhanakowski) | 51 comments Dear Vivien,

Hello hun ~ This is so inspiring to see! Good for you Vivien and I am sure you are most welcome at your age to join and be part of this group - welcome sweetie! It's wonderful you are so curious about feminism at such a young age. One is never too young to fight for gender equality and equality in general! I would encourage you to read up on all sorts of social inequalities - such as that created by money (classism), race (racism) in addition to gender inequality (sexism). The isms basically speak to a problem in regards to that group or object. For example, class means the difference in levels of money that people have and how that affects their life.
I have some book recommendations for you:

1. Class, Power and Social Change by Joanne Naiman
2. Full Frontal Feminism by Jessica Valenti
3. Feminists Don't Wear Pink and Other Lies: Amazing Women on What the F-Word Means to Them by Scarlett Curtis.

See if your parents can get you them from the library. I study Sociology in university - which is the study of society!
Feel free to message me personally if you'd ever like to talk.

Once again, lovely to see you on here and welcome! :)

message 3: by MeerderWörter (new)

MeerderWörter | 2388 comments Dear Vivien!

Hello sweetie:) It is awesome that at such a young age you are interested in feminism. I think OSS is definitely a good place to start reading on feminism and learn about it.

Some books that I definitely recommend reading are:
Buffy Sainte-Marie by Marie Warner (reading it right now and WOOM - what a trailblazer!)
Persepolis (deals with racism and being a refugee)

I too, like Rachael, study sociology, the studies of society.
Please feel free to send me a private message if you want to know more:)

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I am not sure if this group has an age limit, I guess it's no it does not have one. However, the group rules that appear when you write a new comment inform that some subjects and books may be mature. 😉

If I was you, I would wait for a moderator answer regarding this specific question or maybe I would message a moderator. Anyway, I'm sure you'll get great suggestions! We are never too young (and never too old) to educate ourselves and to be more aware of things (ok, finishing my comment by things is not outstanding but I did not have any other words in mind 😊).

message 5: by Laura (new)

Laura (lauraro) | 4 comments Hello Vivien. It's so nice to hear you being so interested in Feminism at such a young age. I recently had to explain to my father in law that being a feminist doesn't mean man hating, it means being equal to, being given choice. And he's 50 years old. My experience of this group is that everyone is patient, friendly and we're all willing to learn from one another. I don't really have any book suggestions that haven't already been mentioned. However if you haven't seen it already i'd recommend you watch Emma Watson's UN speech on YouTube :)
Happy learning x

Colleen Chi-Girl (colleenchi-girlakacolleensnapped) | 40 comments Hi Vivien, Congrats. First, if you do a search on Goodreads under Feminism, you'll get many choices of books, plus their ratings. bell hooks is very well known, but I can't recommend anything that I've read in the past 20-30 years because I don't know if it's age appropriate. You (and a parent) might need to do that. There is a recent book that I read, that is age appropriate for anyone; it's a very small book (literally and figuratively) We Should All Be Feminists by
Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi. I didn't rate it as highly as most, because I studied feminism as part of my under grad and graduate degrees. It's good for beginners and a good reminder as well. (It's actually excerpted from her Ted Talk which you could also listen to - probably for free). Good luck to you. Colleen

Colleen Chi-Girl (colleenchi-girlakacolleensnapped) | 40 comments Vivien, I thought of one more thing to pass on. You don't have to only read books ON feminism to learn about it. You can read books by strong female authors, both fiction and non, like The Handmaid's Tale, for instance.

Colleen E.

message 8: by Kendal (new)

Kendal Bromley | 1 comments Hello!

I’m 22, so I am a little bit older than you. I’ve always been a feminist. My best advice is to find out what feminism means to you. For me, feminism means equality for everyone. Plain and simple.
Go out and explore! There are so many incredible women that we can look up to and try and be like. But the most important think is to be yourself.
If you want to chat then please message 😊😃

message 9: by Susan (new)

Susan | 1 comments Hi there! I just purchased this book. You might want to look it up... Dear Ijeawele, or a Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

message 10: by Yuvraj (new)

Yuvraj Todankar | 15 comments there are no age limit to become a feminist. every body has the right to speech. every body has right to thoughts. You are showing a great courage. just keep going and just forget your age. if you see something wrong happening or somebody is violated the right, you have to protest and protect. Be a real hero.

message 11: by Yuvraj (new)

Yuvraj Todankar | 15 comments Vivien just remember two things, 1)keep reading and 2) if you see somebody violating the women rights or any other rights, PROTEST AND PROTECT.

Don't worry l, even i am 17 but that doesn't me we should fear. Just be what you want to be. KEEP MOVING BUDDY.

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Noticing that the sole utility by which the rhetor may indicate (or address) another rhetor on Goodreads is the "reply" function and readers are otherwise notified that they should read further by a group introducing stimuli advanced through a varied algorithm whereby vital readership is maintained through the accidental, yet determined order of chronology, we realize that events trigger responses and so do ordered thoughts, however, the graphical layout is a spread of language which must be read as a primary mode of interaction and our hyperlink handicap that does not allow for one writer to approach directly one reader (except through provocative thought) can be used as an advantage in establishing a critical expression of what it means to be a feminist. The safest arrangement is one that is moderated and coordinated publicly online rather than privately through baited means and Emma Watson expresses this in her action to not endorse private messages be sent to her on this site.

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What must be enhanced is the "reply" function on Goodreads which lacks a hyperlink ability to cross-reference posts within the thread.

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