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Titan (Gaea, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Donut planet with centaur wars. [s]

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message 1: by Sherry (new)

Sherry (thesisterofdoom) | 4 comments A scifi novel in which a technologically advanced being creates a donut shaped planet. Creatures like centaurs are caused to wage wars etc. against their will. I believe it was mind control in the form of hormones? After dying they are absorbed into the soil and "reborn" at some point later. The centaurs are in constant mental suffering due to the slaughter out of their control and their inability to escape it even by suicide.

If I'm not confusing it with a different scifi novel, it seems the person witnessing this was a space explorer that crashed there. This person was saved by entering a giant beanstalk-plant that had openings that could be opened/closed by stroking the plant. Inside was a nipple of sorts that could be accessed the same way. Later they encountered the centaurs, I think?

message 2: by Andy (new)

Andy Love | 2036 comments Are you thinking of Titan by John Varley

message 3: by Rosa (new)

Rosa (rosaiglarsh) | 4974 comments Titan for the link.

message 4: by Andy (new)

Andy Love | 2036 comments Rosa wrote: "Titan for the link."

Thanks for the link (I was posting from my phone, and couldn't get the link to work).

Titan features an artificial world that is vaguely donut-shaped, and it has centaur-like creatures inhabiting it, who are in eternal war with angel-like creatures. Astronauts from Earth crash on this world and interact with the centaurs.

message 5: by Sherry (new)

Sherry (thesisterofdoom) | 4 comments Thanks! Titan is definitely the book I was thinking of concerning the centaurs part.

The giant nanny-plant was something else I think.

message 6: by Andy (new)

Andy Love | 2036 comments Glad to help.

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