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I can understand why some books start out slow. When I start a new book it has to fascinate me at around 33%. I am around page 200, chapter 12.

This book doesn't fascinate me. The intro is nice, the scene where Kelsier attacks the tower on his own is awesome, especially the way the writer described the magic system. Other than that nothing really happens aside from way too much useless talking and talking.

I am planning to lay this one down, unless someone can help me give some insight what the rest of the book holds. I am not asking for spoilers, but just a little bit insight into what I can expect action wise.


Annalisa97 It has been some time since I read this trilogy but from what I remember those were rather long books so they had a lot of talking, plotting and planing, focus on the characters and the worldbuilding (and everything is just so cleaverly woven togeather). So if you don't like that in the books you read this might not become your favourate series. But the mystborn trilogy did become one of my absolute favourites because personally I found the plot, world and characters very interesting and I never knew what would happen next so I was kept on my toes. I would atleast reccommend you to try and read another 100+ pages before putting it down though because I think there were some good action scenes sprinkled in here and there apart for one of my favourite action scenes that takes place shortly before the climax of the book close to the end.

Alexis I've found that Brandon Sanderson often starts off slow, mostly because his magic systems and worlds are such that they need extensive world building to set the setting. The latter part of this book though has some twists and turns that pick up the action.
I'd echo the suggestion that you try to get a little further in before deciding either way.

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Sorry, I skipped to the final chapter and I read the entire backstory of the World itself and the Lord ruler and ....this just doesn't interest me anymore.

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Tatiana Atieno Hi I'm new and it seems hard to open and read a book.How do I open one?

Annalisa97 Tatiana wrote: "Hi I'm new and it seems hard to open and read a book.How do I open one?"

If you mean you are new to reading but want to try out reading books then just maybe try to start with shorter books. And try to pick a book that sounds interesting to you and has good reviews. Then just get comfortable somewhere, open the book and check out the first few pages. You can maybe try reading one or two chapters a day (depending on how long they are).

Marcella I FULLY understand you. I read the whole thing hoping it would get better and it does pick up the pace but it is just flawed and weak as a whole.

Althou I love the magic system and how it works, I feel like is something so so different from everything element-based I've seen before, but that's about all good there is to it.


Kelsier, as smart as he is portrayed, does not seem like the guy who would die for the rebellion and before have come up with this entire plan of being a martyr and becoming a religion. He is smug, arrogant, he wouldn't go into a battle already defeated.
It also annoys me how some plot lines are completely ignored or they're explored on hundreds of pages just to be solved in a line or two with minor explanation in the last 15% of the book
Plus, the thing that bothers me the most is, after everything, making Elend Venture the king??? really?? just because he read some books he is now capable of leading thousands that have lived lives completely different and with real struggles? the only struggle he ever went through was trying to annoy his jerk of a father while most skaa saw their peers get flogged to death, he is a spoiled noble that is not capable of leading just because he read philosophy.

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Raphael Laranjeiras I didn't give 5 stars because when we're about to rate a book on this website immediately appears a sentence summing up the rate you're giving. On 4 stars appears "I really liked it", and that pretty picture out my feelings regarding this book. 5 stars requires perfection, demands no inconsistencies, and one thing, in particular, bothered me: Politics. Was I the only one who found that somethings apparently was easier than it should be, I mean, sometimes it was almost childish decisions being made and everything looked just simple to achieve. Many things must've happened in order to accomplish the political objectives in this book and almost none of it was shown. I know it would make the book longer but for me, it was necessary cause it would bring more depth and consistency about the events that happened. Apart from all of that, this book is pretty great, especially its magic system, proving Sanderson's creativity and vision on new ways to approach fantasy.

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Marcella Raphael wrote: "I didn't give 5 stars because when we're about to rate a book on this website immediately appears a sentence summing up the rate you're giving. On 4 stars appears "I really liked it", and that pret..."

I completely agree that the politics seemed weak.

The political aspect was supposed to be Vin and all the formal dances she went to, but they felt useless when Elend gave her everything on a silver platter at the end without her even asking.

Also Yeden, the character is always the responsible, the one that wasn't even willing to try because it would put skaas in danger, but then, out of nowhere, he is convinced to ruin the whole thing and risk thousands of skaas lives because of a training session? I just don't get so many of the political and plot wise decisions made.

I was told this would be a more adult/epic type of fantasy and I can see nothing different than a Y/A Harry Potter - Percy Jackson type of book. I read this right after finishing the song of ice and fire chronicles and I guess I was expecting too much out of it and it made me give a 2 star rating, but I still stand by it.

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